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Tortoises Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Adams, Sue First Grade Teacher Website  
Adkins, Gwen Media Specialist - Librarian Website  
Allen, Latoya Administrative Assistant Website  
Allen, Melissa Bookkeeper Website  
Ammons, Janet Educational Assistant Website  
Baggett, Tearza Academic Coach 3-5/SPED Website  
Baker, Cindy First Grade Teacher Website  
BeCraft, Loralee Assistant Principal Website  
Beymer, Tamara Intermediate Modified Website  
Blackman, Heather Primary Modified Teacher Website  
Blick, Jeri Fifth Grade Content Text Based Reading Teacher Website  
Brack, Laura KindergartenTeacher Website  
Bracknell, Adrianne Educator of Exceptional Children-Resource Teacher Website  
Brown, Emily Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Burchwell, Kerri School Psychologist Website  
Burress, Mary Ann Second Grade Teacher Website  
Campbell, Michelle Speech/Language Pathologist Website  
Capotosti, David Third Grade Teacher Website  
Carroll, Virgina Special Education Assistant Website  
Chavis, Wilbert Special Education Assistant Website  
Cherry, Kimberly School Counselor, 504 Chair Website  
Cobb, Dorinda Special Education Assistant Website  
Collett, Dana Fourth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Cravath, Barbara Administrative Attendance Assistant Website  
Dahl, Cathy Second Grade Teacher Website  
Darnell, Wendy Cafeterial Manager Website  
Dean, Buddi Sueiro Physical Education Teacher, Tracksters Running Club Sponsor Website  
Duncan, Cynthia Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Ferreria, Jayne First Grade Teacher Website  
Figueroa, Angela Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Fish, Patty Bookkeeper Website  
Gallowitz, Wendy Second Grade Teacher Website  
Garcia, Luis Custodian Website  
Goering, Tina Fourth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Griffey, Allen Custodian Website  
Grimes, Ashli Third Grade Teacher Website  
Grimes, Jessica First Grade Teacher Website  
Hall, Laura Fifth Grade Math Teacher Website  
Harkless, Cierre Special Education Assistant Website  
Hecht, Stephen Custodial Staff Website  
Hedges, Kristin School Counselor Website  
Horton, Tayler Second Grade Teacher Website  
Howard, Joana Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Hoyt, Kristen Fourth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Hughes, Jessica Second Grade Teacher Website  
Huppert, Eileen Fifth Grade Rdg/Math Intervention Teacher Website  
Jackson, Karen Special Education Assistant Website  
Jackson, Monica Educational Assistant Website  
Kelley, Melissa Hearing Impaired Assistant Website  
Kenner, Deanna Media Assistant Website  
Kettle, Christie Physical Education Teacher Website  
Klaput, Joseph Fourth Grade Rdg/Lang. Arts/Social Studies Teacher Website  
Knowlton, Hailey Modified Content Teacher Website  
Koloski, Patti Principal Website  
Kopasz, Connie Modified Content Teacher Website  
Lane, Alaina Special Education Assistant Website  
Laub, Jennifer First Grade Teacher Website  
Lewis, Juanita Cafeteria Monitor Website  
Littrell, Chelsey Third Grade Teacher Website  
Lyles, Stephanie Fifth Grade Language & Text Based Writing Teacher Website  
Machuca, Dena Third Grade Teacher Website  
Martin, April Special Education Assistant Website  
Mase, April Special Education Assistant Website  
Maynard, Angie Registered School Nurse Website  
Maynard, Autumn Fourth Grade Rdg/Lang. Arts/Social Studies Teacher Website  
McConnell, Vivian Bookkeeper Website  
McLeod, Nicole Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
McPherson, Lauren Special Education Assistant Website  
Merrill, Megan Special Education Assistant Website  
Merriweather, Janica Second Grade Teacher Website  
Miller, Pam Educational Assistant Website  
Milner, Daniel Music Teacher Website  
Montville, Tiffany Second Grade Teacher Website  
Moore, Tiffany Educational Assistant Website  
Morris, Cory Physical Education Teacher Website  
Morris, Laura Fourth Grade Rdg/Lang. Arts/Social Studies Teacher Website  
Mosley, Tonilynn Fifth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Moss, Christina Physical Education Teacher Website  
Offutt, Carla Academic Coach Website  
Owen, Jana Art Teacher Website  
Pendleton, Sara Special Education Pre-K Teacher Website  
Price, Lisa Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Proctor, Jena Third Grade Teacher Website  
Pulver, John Custodian Website  
Rayburn, Melissa Second Grade Teacher Website  
Rhinehart, Heather First Grade Teacher Website  
Rice, Amber Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Rios, Diana First Grade Teacher Website  
Roderick, Audrey Special Education Assistant Website  
Salyer, Jeanne Hearing Impaired Teacher Website  
Samples, Emily Third Grade Teacher Website  
Schwall, Dusty Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Shelton, Jennifer Comprehensive Development Teacher Website  
Skevington, Jami Assistant Principal Website  
Smith, Amber Modified Content Teacher Website  
Smith, Justine Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Spencer, Gretchen PASS Website  
Stanley, Jannette Developmental Pre-K Teacher Website  
Staskal, Bree Speech Website  
Stroup, Kathy Special Education Assistant Website  
Sullivan, Rebecca Second Grade Teacher Website  
Summers, Carol Educational Assistant Website  
Tamboia, Mary Beth Third Grade Teacher Website  
Taylor, Jennifer Speech/Language Therapist Website  
Testerman, Lindsey Fourth Grade ELA/Social Studies Teacher Website  
Thomsen, Barbara Fourth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Treier, Heather Comprehensive Development Teacher Website  
Trotter, Sheron Special Education Assistant Website  
Weller, Amie First Grade Teacher Website  
West, Megan First Grade Teacher Website  
Whiteside , Tamara Sign Language Interpreter Website  
Ybarra , Diane Educational Assistant Website  
Zellia, James Special Education Assistant Website  

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Patty Fish,