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Indians Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Baggett, Jean Administrative Assistant/Counselor/ 1602 Website  
Bass, Marnie Librarian & 6th Enrichment / 1608, Yearbook Sponsor Website  
Black, Sandi 6th RLA / 2108 Website  
Brown, Tammy Math 7, Advanced Math 7 / 2211 Website  
Brumfield, Alexandria 6th Math / 2107 Website  
Bryant, Shannon Assistant Principal / 1603 Website  
Buckner, Amy Educational Assistant Website  
Burleson, Christi 8th RLA / 2304 Website  
Carlisle, Kimberly 6th Science / 2203 Website  
Cobb, Melanie Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Cole, April 6th Social Studies / 2104 Website  
Combs, Chassie CDC / 2202 Website  
Combs, James 7th Social Studies, F.A.S.T. club (2016) Website  
Crenshaw, Laura Student Support Coordinator / 1610, Central STRONG Ambassadors Coordinator Website  
Daniels, Laura 6th Science & Social Studies Website  
Davis, Darlene Cafeteria Monitor Website  
Davis, Venica Technology / 2403 Website  
Dunn, Kelly 6th,7th & 8th Math Inclusion / 2306 Website  
Dunn , Marcie Resource,Inclusion,Sp Ed Team,7th,8th / 2306 Website  
Fain, Lindsey Custodial Lead Website  
Fillmore, Windy Educational Assistant, Life Skills / 2300, Drama Co-Sponsor Website  
Foister, Eric Assistant Principal Website  
Freeman, Denise 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Fuller, Jamie 7th Math / 2208 Website  
Greene , Anita Administrative Assistant/Attendance / 1100 Website  
Hansrote, Jill Suzette School Counselor Website  
Hite , Dianna Educational Assistant, Special Education Website  
Hoffman , Darrin Band / 2502 Website  
Holt, Cappy 6th Math / 2103, After School Program Website  
Howard, Diana 6th RLA / 2101 Website  
Imhof, Amanda Visual Arts / 2402, Girls Basketball Website  
Jackson, Connie Physical Education / 2636, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sponsor Website  
James, Adam Physical Education/2634, Boys Basketball Website  
Jensen, Johanna 7th Science / 2205 Website  
Jones, Shelia Accounting Tech / 1601 Website  
Kepley, Logan 8th Science & Social Studies Website  
Lemons, Lynn Life Skills / 2300, Drama Sponsor Website  
Maille, Christopher Bookkeeper / 1151 Website  
Matheney, Wendy Gifted Education and RTI / 2702, Site-based Induction Mentor Website  
Mayfield, Jonathan 8th Social Studies / 2308 Website  
McCool, Sarah 8th Math & Science / 2305 Website  
McKinney, Kyle 8th Science Website  
Millay, Chad Current Events/7th Grade Social Studies Website  
Moore, Candace 6th Science / 2102 Website  
Motes, Sandra 6th RLA/Inclusion & 8th Inclusion Math / 2201, Leadership team, Wellness Website  
Murphey, Leah 8th RLA & Social Studies / 2307 Website  
Murphy, DeAnne 6th, 7th, & 8th RTI / 2703 Website  
Newberry, Katie 8th RLA / 2303 Regular and Advanced, Beta Club Sponsor Website  
Nicholson, RheaAnn School Counselor / ext.1604 Website  
Noonan , Patty Cafeteria Manager Website  
Reece, Kimberly 8th Math, Algebra 1 / 2309 Website  
Rees , Sally Media Assistant - Library / 1608 , Textbooks Website  
Rentfro, Kristy RTI / 2107 Website  
Robinson , Mark Custodian Website  
Sage, Wendy Educational Assistant Website  
Salyer, Eric ..., ... Website  
Simms, Avril 7th RLA / 2203 Website  
Sivels, Melanie Centerstone Website  
South, Misti 6th Math / 2110 Website  
Stallworth, Najia ISS ~ In School Suspension / 2311 Website  
Swaw, Lena Cafeteria Staff Website  
Szoszorek, Samantha 7th Math Website  
Taylor, Dinah 8th Math / 2310, Math team sponsor Website  
Taylor, Gina Computer Literacy / 2401 Website  
Taylor, Kimberly 6th Social Studies / 2109 Website  
Thomas, Collin 6th Grade RLA & Social Studies Website  
Thompson, Margaret 7th Mod RLA/ 8th Mod Math / 2202 Website  
Vergos, Adrienne 7th Math / 2210, STEM/Games Club Sponsor Website  
Warfield, Ray Custodian Website  
Webb, Mark 6th 7th 8th STEM / 2503 Website  
Wells, Sara 7th Science / 2209 Website  
Whelpley, Stephanie Academic Coach Website  
Whitmore, Crystal Nurse Website  
Wimberly, Shanna 7th Social Studies Website  
Winner, Vicki Principal / 1606 Website  
Wright, Becky Office Assistant / 1154 Website  
Wynn, Wanda Educational Assistant, Special Education Website  

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Eric Salyer,
Gina Taylor,