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Blue Jays Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Albertia, Gena School Psychologist, CHES M*TU*W Website  
Alexander, Jessica Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Amstutz, Julie Assistant Principal Website  
Anderson, SRO Adrian Resource Officer Website  
Arellano, Cherie First Grade Teacher Website  
Artemis, Rene' Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Barwick, Patricia First Grade Teacher Website  
Baxter, Laura Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Bischoff, Lauren Galapon Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Blakeley, Ashton Fifth Grade STEM Teacher Website  
Bowers, Will Third Grade Teacher Website  
Bramel, Tracy Garza Second Grade Teacher Website  
Britt, Carrie Third Grade Teacher Website  
Cathey, Christina Second Grade Teacher Website  
Clark, Janel First Grade Teacher Website  
Comperry, Diane Educational Assistant, Special Education Website  
Cooper, Tracy Resource Teacher, Special Education Website  
DeYeso, Cheryl Art Specialist, Art Club Adviser and Yearbook Designer Website  
Fields, Kimberly Accounting Technician Website  
Gann, Jennifer Cafe Manager Website  
Geddas, Terry Primary Modified, Special Education Website  
Goddard, Kris Academic STEM Coach Website  
Gregory, Brandon Music Specialist Website  
Griffin, Cara First Grade Teacher Website  
Griffith, Sheridan Third Grade Teacher Website  
Gurnon, Jennifer Teacher of Gifted Learners Website  
Hall, Melissa Centerstone Therapist/Case Mgr Website  
Hammond, Tanya School Counselor, Beta Club Sponsor Website  
Head, Danielle Technology Integration Coach Website  
Hicks, Jennifer Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Hoffman, Jennifer Second Grade Teacher Website  
Irwin, Jennifer Educational Assistant Website  
Jean, Tyler Physical Education Teacher, Assistant basketball coach Website  
Kerley, Christie Educational Asst, Special Ed. Website  
King, Kristi Intermediate Modified Teacher, Grades 2-5 Website  
Koester, Sonia Media Assistant, 1:1 Laptop Program Tech Website  
Kolb, Cathy Resource Teacher, Special Education Website  
Lyons-Conner, Stacy Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Maclin, Ptosha Principal Website  
Mattingly, Stephanie Educational Assistant Website  
Moran, Keishla Second Grade Teacher Website  
O'Bryant, Michelle Media Specialist Website  
Petties, Chris Lead Custodian Website  
Powell, Amber Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Renard, Lisa Academic Coach Website  
Roark, Sabrina Admin. Asst. Front Office Website  
Rye, Virginia Cafeteria Personnel Website  
Schultz, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Strange, Shelly School Nurse Website  
Sumner, Margaret Anne Educational Assistant Website  
Svanberg, Karl Custodial Staff Website  
Swartzfager (Mack), Abigail Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Travis, Paula Custodial Staff Website  
VanDerMeiren, Morgan Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Vega, Kristin Third Grade Teacher Website  
Velazquez, Sarah Second Grade Teacher Website  
Wells, Felicia Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Young, Jennifer PreK Website  
Young, Melody Physical Education Teacher Website  

For corrections or questions about this school's website, email any of the following:
Sonia Koester,
Kris Goddard,