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Eagles Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Alvarez, Liliana 7th Grade Mathematics Website  
Alvarez, Tonia Computer Literacy, Information Coordinator Website  
Anderson, Elana Administrative Assistant Website  
Anderson, Laura Special Education Assistant Website  
Atkins, Joshua 6/7/8 PE Website  
Baker, Catherine Attendance Website  
Battista, Sarah 6th Grade Mathematics-IE Website  
Blake, Tammy CDC Educational Assistant Website  
Blakey , Rolanda Life Skills Educational Assistant Website  
Blessing, Bill 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Website  
Blue-Stewart, Dwan 8th Grade Science Website  
Boss, Laura Principal Website  
Broihahn, Kelly Special Education, 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Brooks, Phillip Student Support Coordinator Website  
Burchwell, Kerri School Psychologist Website  
Carter, Gena Science Teacher Website  
Chavis, Wilbert Special Education Assistant Website  
Cline , Ellen Bookkeeper Website  
Conner, Dean 8th Grade Social Studies Website  
Cummings, Sandra 6-7-8/Read 180 Website  
Daniel, Kelly Assistant Principal Website  
Darling, Ryan 8th Grade Social Studies Website  
Downing, Kelly 6th Grade Science (IE) Website  
Durrett, Judi 6th Grade Science (EE) Website  
Emerson, Linda 6th Grade Mathematics (SE) Website  
Emrick, Michele 7th Grade Social Studies Website  
Fletcher, Sharon 6th Grade Science (ME) Website  
Flournoy, Kimberly 6th grade Mathematics (EE) Website  
Gassant, Kenisha Life Skills Teacher Website  
Goodman, Vanessa Educational Assistant Website  
Grant, Mercedes Special Ed. 7th Grade Mathematics Website  
Grooms, Cheryl 8th Grade Special Ed Reading/Language Arts Website  
Haas, Darin 7th Grade Social Studies Website  
Halcomb, William 8th Grade Social Studies Website  
Hall, Mark 8th Grade Science, 8h Grade Advanced Science Website  
Harris, Mary Beth 6th, Social Studies Website  
Hellams, Lauren 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher Website  
Helmig, Leslie Physical Education/ Health, CMCSS Trustee Website  
Hency, Angelec 7th Reading/Language Arts Website  
Hensley, Amanda 8th Grade Science Website  
Herndon, Bonnie Spanish Website  
Hildebrand, Jeanette Special Education Assistant Website  
Hirschi, Steven 6th/7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Hofer, Angie English Language Learners (ELL) 6-8 grade, Humane Teen Sponsor Website  
Hoffman, Aimee 7th Social Studies, National History Day Sponsor Website  
Hofmiller, Rhonda 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts (SE) Website  
Hollingsworth, Deborah Adolescent Development Website  
Jackson, Shawn 6th grade Mathematics (ME) Website  
Jernigan, Kimberly 7th Grade Science Website  
Johnson, Elizabeth 7th Grade Reading Language Arts Website  
Joyner, Whitney Technology Engineering Education, FIRST LEGO League, VEX & VEXIQ Robotics, TSA, NHD Website  
Kearns, Ashton 6th Grade Social Studies Website  
Kirby, E. Michele Accounting Technician Website  
Lewis, Anita Special Education Assistant Website  
Lewis, Debra Educational Assistant Website  
Lewis, Marie Special Education Assistant, Yearbook Sponsor Website  
Lockett, Jessica Physical Education Website  
Long, Lisa M. Educational Assistant Website  
Lott, Shelly 7th Grade Mathematics Website  
MalloryGrau, Nancy Office Assistant Website  
Mannen, Denette 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts (ME) Website  
McCaden, Tameka Special Education Assistant Website  
McFadden, Meghann 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts, Theater Website  
Millspaugh, Samuel 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Myers, Donna Assistant Principal Website  
Nadeau, Tom Alternative Classroom Instruction, Northeast High School Boys Golf and Tennis Coach Website  
Parrish, Jennifer (MJ) Special Education Teacher Website  
Popeko, Sami 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Reed, Ronniesia 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Rhemann, Kristy 7th Special Ed Reading/Language Arts Website  
Richardson, Christy 6th Grade Reading Language Arts and Math Website  
Richardson, Jennie 6th-8th PASS, National History Day Sponsor Website  
Riley, Chad Physical Education Website  
Rivera, Roberta 8th Special Education Math Website  
Rollins, KIm School Counselor, 8th Grade Transition, S Team Chair, RTI Committee Website  
Ross, Dr. Jerry 6th Grade Science and Social Studies Website  
Ross, Sylvia Special Education 6th Grade Mathematics Website  
Sawyer, Misty 7th Grade Science Website  
Shoulders, Debbie 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts & Adv. RLA Website  
Sikes, Meaghan 7th Grade Science Website  
Smith, Diane 6th Grade Social Studies (ME), Site Director, NEMS After School Program Website  
Stanfield, Deborah School Nurse Website  
Stinson, Evan Assistant Principal Website  
Swift , Jennie Media Assistant Website  
Taylor, Kimberlee Academic Coach Website  
Taylor, Todd Visual Art, Art Club, FIRST LEGO League, VEX & VEXIQ, TSA Website  
Tice, Lisa 7th Grade Mathematics Website  
Tubbs, Emily 6-8 Choir Website  
Tunstall, Edye 6th Grade Social Studies Elite Team Website  
Tutor, Emma Speech Website  
Underwood, Joshua Band Website  
Wall, Deanie 6th Grade RLA Teacher, Iron Eagles Team Website  
Watkins, Stephanie 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Website  
Watson, Katherine School Counselor Website  
Wheaton, Rachel 8th Grade Mathematics Website  
Whitlock, Dee-Etta Technology Integration Coach Website  
Wilkerson, Chad Library Media Specialist, Running Club, Reading Club Website  
Williams, Lakisha 8th grade Mathematics Teacher Website  
Wilson, Jennifer 6/7/8 SE, Girls' Basketball Coach Website  
Wimmer , Shirley Counseling Secretary Website  
Workman, Leander 6th Grade Science Website  
Young, Eric Educational Assistant/Assistant Basketball Coach Website  

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Tonia Alvarez,