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Bear Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Albright, Kayla Third Grade Math and Science Website  
Allsbrooks, Rebecca Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Ammann, Tonya Educational Assistant Website  
Anderson, Shelby Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Anderson, Tiffany Third Grade Reading and Social Studies Website  
Appleton, Bretlea Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Ashby , Louise Fourth & Fifth Grade Resource Reading/Math Website  
Baggett , Debra School Nurse Website  
Baggett, Tearza Assistant Principal Website  
Barker, Peggy Educational Assistant Website  
Bassett III , Louis F. Lead Custodian Website  
Bourne, Courtney Intermediate Modified Website  
Calhoun, Charlene Art Teacher Website  
Cartwright, Jama Third Grade Teacher Website  
Castile, Nicole Academic Coach Website  
Cheek, Courtney K-5, Centerstone Therapist Website  
Clardy, Timmy Custodian Website  
Clark, Emily Principal Website  
Cobb, Melanie Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Combs, Julie Technology Integration Coach, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Website  
Dominiak, Lisa Lead RTI Interventionalist Website  
Donaldson, Sherry Food Service Manager Website  
Donnelly, Sandra Primary Modified Assistant Website  
Duvall, Laura Pre-K, Special Education Pre-K Teacher Website  
Featherstone, Samantha Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Fulton, Phyllis Educational Assistant-Library Website  
George, Katie K-2 Resource Teacher Website  
Glenn, Candice Educational Assistant Website  
Greene, Penny Educational Assistant Website  
Guice, Annette Special Education Pre-K Assistant Website  
Gurnon, Jennifer Teacher of Gifted Learners Website  
Harvey, Kim Second Grade Teacher Website  
Haynes, Ariel Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Jackson, Jill Title I Reading Teacher Website  
Johnson, Pamela Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Kennedy , Debbie Administrative Assistant Website  
Keough, Courtney Kindergarten Website  
Keultjes, Lauren K-5, School Psychologist Website  
Koewler, Megan Pre-K Teacher Website  
LeafDent, Katie 5th Grade Website  
Ligon, Cristina Pre-K Website  
Mars, Victoria First Grade Teacher Website  
Mayo, Adam Custodian Website  
McCain, Carol First Grade Teacher Website  
McDonald, Rachel Kindergarten Teacher Website  
McDonough, Candy Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Murphy, Paige Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Newcomb, Amanda Kindergarten Website  
Norfleet , Cathey Educational Assistant Website  
Oliver, Sharon Second Grade Website  
Parry, Caitlin Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Patterson, Bethany Third Grade Teacher Website  
Peterson, Aaron First Grade Teacher Website  
Place , Anita Educational Assistant Website  
Pouncil, Janice ESL Website  
Raker, Shavonne Physical Education Teacher Website  
Rash , Francine CDC Assistant Website  
Reese, Leslie Resource Teacher 2-5 Website  
Richardson, Cody Music Teacher, Glee Website  
Rivers, Grace Educational Assistant Website  
Rogers, Penny Food Service Assistant Website  
Schorr, Amanda Special Education, Speech Teacher Website  
Scott , Karen First Grade Teacher Website  
Tarver, Amanda Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Terry, Lilia Intermediate Modified Assistant Website  
Tolbert, Alexandera Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Varnick, Erin Second Grade Teacher Website  
Vernon, Courtney Second Grade Teacher Website  
Vongkhamchanh, Lora Physical Education Website  
Wainwright, Rachel Media Specialist Website  
Wallace, Carol Cafeteria Monitor Website  
Weakley , Tonya Accounting Associate Website  
Wicks, Laura Beth Third Grade Teacher, PTO Vice President Website  
Woodard, Amanda First Grade Teacher Website  
Young, Tammy Administrative Assistant Website  

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Leslie Reese,