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Coyotes Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Alicea, Luz ELL Educational Assistant Website  
Ballew, Tatiana 3-5 Resource Teacher Website  
Barlow, Paige First Grade Teacher Website  
Benson, Stacey ESL Teacher, Recycle Team Website  
Black, Laura Gifted Education Teacher Website  
Bowlin, Laken Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Brittain, Joyce Academic Coach Website  
Burks, Ali Third Grade Teacher - Math and Science, Site-Based Induction Specialist, Leadership Team Website  
Camacho, Iris I.M. Educational Assistant Website  
Casaday, Candice Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Castaneda, Melissa Fifth Grade Teacher-RLA and Social Studies Website  
Castolo, Karrie First Grade Teacher Website  
Collins, Sally Administrative Assistant/Attendance Website  
Combs, Julie Technology Integration Coach, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Website  
Cutler, Jessica Second Grade Teacher Website  
Daniels, Rebecca SpEd Pre-K Teacher Website  
Davis, Judy Speech Teacher Website  
DeFlitch, Angela Second Grade Teacher Website  
Deitrick, Lori Visual Arts Teacher Website  
DestinĂ©, Consuelo SpEd. Pre-K Teacher Website  
Dolnak, Elena Administrative Assistant Website  
Dubinin , Suzanne Physical Education Teacher Website  
Durrett, Mary School Nurse Website  
Floyd, Dana Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Gallivan, Diane Media Specialist, Information Coordinator Website  
Garbuzinski, Tricia Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Gibbs, Billie Primary Modified K-1 Website  
Givens, Brandy School Counselor Website  
Hall, Juanita Pre-K Educational Assistant Website  
Hamby, Sherri Fifth Grade-Math Website  
Hardin, Tenesha First Grade Teacher Website  
Herndon, Alisha First Grade Teacher Website  
Herrst, Kari Third Grade Teacher Website  
Hicks, Anita Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Hull, Holly Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Jackson, Nadja Custodian Website  
Jones, Jordyn First Grade Teacher Website  
Khamphengphet, Holly Second Grade Teacher Website  
Kingston, Sarah Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Knowles, Rachel CDC Educational Assistant Website  
Lewallen, Wendy Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Liprando, Jessica Special Education Resource Teacher Website  
Lubieski, Sara First Grade Teacher Website  
Luciano , Tina Educational Assistant Website  
Mackey, Iris School Psychologist Website  
McCoin, Angela Sp Ed Educational Assistant Website  
Medeiros , Regina Media Assistant Website  
Messer, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Mosley, Kimberly Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Murray, Adrienne Second Grade Teacher Website  
Negron, Christopher Physical Education Teacher Website  
Nowack, Lisa Accounting Tech Website  
Oubre, Claudette Custodial Staff Website  
Parra, Danette Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Partlow, Katie Second Grade Teacher Website  
Perez, Allison Third Grade Teacher Website  
Preston , Ella Educational Assistant Website  
Prichard, Kelli Pre-K Teacher Website  
Puskas, Debbie Sp Ed Resource Assistant Website  
Rains, Lynne Principal Website  
Ransom, Darlene Educational Assistant Website  
Rhodehamel, Michelle Assistant Principal Website  
Roberts, Lauren Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Rogers , Linda Educational Assistant Website  
Roseberry, Inga Second Grade Teacher Website  
Ross, Megan K-2 Resource Teacher Website  
Rowe, Candace Pre-K SE Assistant Website  
Rudd, Elizabeth Third Grade Teacher Website  
Sanford, Angela Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Schmotzer, Leanne Third Grade Teacher Website  
Schrimsher, Denna Administrative Assistant Website  
Sherk, Karma Intermediate Modified 2-5 Website  
Somers, Candice Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Streeter, Corey CDC Teacher Website  
Taylor, James Lead Custodian Website  
Thomasson, Shanacia Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Toombs, Jennifer Fourth Grade Teacher Website  
Vaughn, Teresa CDC Educational Assistant Website  
Wadlington, Mia Academic Coach Website  
Walker, Brian Custodian Website  
Ward, Austin Music Teacher Website  
Weldon, Latosha First Grade Teacher Website  
Weston, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher Website  
Wilee, Brock Physical Education Teacher Website  
Winters, Tina Cafeteria Monitor Website  
Wooster , Marilyn Educational Assistant Website  
Worth, Cynthia Cafeteria Manager Website  
Wren, Joyce Fifth Grade Teacher Website  
Zellia, Sara Kindergarten Teacher Website  

For corrections or questions about this school's website, email any of the following:
Diane Gallivan,
Lynne Rains,