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Coyotes Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Amaro, Tammy JROTC II, Coach Rifle Team Website  
Arrington, Terry Personal Finance, Contemporary Issues Website  
Barrentine, Lisa Office Assistant, Dance Team Coach, Volunteer Coordinator Website  
Bisto, Lindsay Special Populations Teacher Website  
Blount, Doris Cafeteria Website  
Bristol, Brittany English I/Honors English I/ACT Prep Website  
Brown, Gertrude Custodian Website  
Carbin, Christopher World History & Geography/Personal Finance, Wrestling Head Coach, JV Football Coach Website  
Carpenter, Tabitha Biology/Honors Biology, Anime Club Website  
Chestnut, DeMone Criminal Justice 1, Boys Cross Country/Girls Track & Field Head Coach Website  
Choi, Ahyoung Chemistry, Biology Website  
Christensen, Megan School Psychologist Website  
Christian, Sarahann Custodian Website  
Clark, Robert SPED Biology/SPED Phys. Sciece Website  
Cooke, Derek SPED, Chemistry, Bridge Website  
Coots, Miranda English II/AP Language Website  
Cope, Kelsi World History & Geography/US History Website  
Corbin , Kenneth Custodian Website  
Corona, Salvador Accounting Technician Website  
Curry, Kerstin Cafeteria Website  
Darr, Darlene Enrollment Specialist, Textbooks,Transcripts, Withdraws, SF-1010s, Media Website  
Digby , Patrick Assistant Principal Website  
Dixon, Bart Director of Instrumental Music (Band & Guitar) Website  
Dove, Carrie Biology/Honors Biology/AP Biology, Girls Cross Country Head Coach Website  
Dunham, Christin Library Media Specialist/Book Club Website  
Ebright, Tyler Government/Sociology/Psychology, Head Baseball Coach Website  
Elliott, Lisa Statistics/AP Statistics, Math Club Sponsor Website  
Farley, Thomas AP Physics 1/Physics/Physical Science Website  
Figueroa, James Life Wellness/PE I/PE II, Head Football Coach Website  
Fischer, Matthew AV Production I,II,III, Broadcasting Club Advisor/Asst. Wrestling Coach Website  
Fortson, LaTonya Cafeteria Website  
Gority, Blake Choir and Piano I, Choral Director/ASG Sponser Website  
Gott, Walter US History Website  
Hairston, Lisa Custodian Website  
Harrell, Linda Cafeteria Website  
Harrison, Trini Attendance Website  
Heard, Stephen Art I and III, Art Club Website  
Hedgespeth, Brigitte Educational Assistant SPED Website  
Henley, Leah English IV, Honors Eng IV, AP Lit, & Theater App Website  
Hicks, Jennifer R. Accounting Technician Website  
Hindman, Asia Economics, Head Girls Basketball Coach Website  
Holliday, Erica Library Media Specialist/Book Club/Journalism, Journalism and Book Club Co-Sponsor Website  
Hoskins, Lori SPED, English III Website  
Howard, Brooke Piano Website  
Jarrell , John Custodian Website  
Jensen, Chelsie Academy English I Website  
Johnson, Angelica Educational Assistant Website  
Kail, Ronnie Lead Custodian Website  
Keel, Carolyn Custodian Website  
Keener, Aaron JROTC III, Raider Coach Website  
Keith, Kelsea Special Populations Teacher Website  
Kohrt, Morgan Algebra I, Geometry Website  
Kougias, Nicholas Chemistry/AP Chemistry/Honors Chemistry Website  
Ladd, Danielle Latin I,II,III/IDS, JCL Sponsor Website  
Lake, Jessica SPED, Algebra I, Geometry, & Math Transition Website  
Leaverton, Candice Special Education Teacher Website  
Ledbetter, Kristell Cafeteria Website  
Lehde, Josie Algebra II/ACT Prep Website  
Loose, Scott JROTC Senior Army Instructor Website  
Lovelock, Colleen Alg I SPED, Econ SPED, Geo SPED Website  
Luckett, Darall JROTC I Instructor, Drill Team/Color Guard Coach Website  
Malone, Russell U.S. History, Head Boys Basketbball Coach Website  
Maxfield, Diana Cafeteria Website  
Miller, Brinda Media Assistant Website  
Mitchell, Cayleigh English III Website  
Moore, James Criminal Justice III: FS/CJHS Academy, Girls Head Soccer Coach Website  
Morrow, Erin Cafeteria Manager Website  
Mucha, Emily Algebra I and Honors Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Lead Teacher, Co-Sophomore Class Sponsor Website  
Nelson, Paula Educational Assistant, Cheerleading Website  
Nichols, Michael Algebra 2 and Precalculus, Assistant Wrestling Coach Website  
Orlando, Sherry Administrative Assistant Website  
Owen, Jennifer Educational Assistant - ELL Website  
Perry, Sarah School Counselor (L-Ri), Lead Counselor Website  
Peters , Karin Administrative Assistant Main Office Website  
Piper, Andrew School Nurse, Asst. Coach WCHS Soccer; Nursing Advisory Committe Website  
Poe, Spring Special Populations Educational Assistant Website  
Privado, Maria Spanish II Website  
Ramsey, Kelly Health Science Anatomy & Physiology, HOSA Advisor Website  
Ramsey, Seth World History & AP European History, Boys Soccer Coach Website  
Rayle, Michelle Assistant Principal Website  
Robertson, Jessica Counselor (E-K) Website  
Rogers, Katelyn Algebra I & Academy Algebra I Website  
Satterfield, Gary ISS Website  
Schmucker, Mandy Art I/Art II, Art Club Website  
Schwagel, Karyn English Teacher Website  
Seigworth, Clifton Computer Apps/Bus Comm/Bus Mgmt., WCHS CyberPatriot Sponsor Website  
Shehy, Jeanette English 1 and Read 180 Website  
Silvers, Rob Theatre I,II,III,IV, FCA, Drama Club, Speech Team Coach Website  
Sisson, Tiffany Teaching as a Profession, Human Services, FCCLA Advisor Website  
Slight, Matthew Principal Website  
Smith, Aaron Spanish Website  
Smith, Drew Geometry Website  
Sprunger, Carly Geometry/Honors Geometry, Lead Geometry Teacher Website  
Steffen, Gerald Principles of Law/Criminal Justice II, CJ Debate/Mock Trial Team & Freshman Class Sponsor Website  
Stoeckl, Joshua Government/AP Government, Head Volleyball Coach/Boys Track Coach Website  
Straka, Emelia Academic Coach Website  
Tabor, Brittany Spanish 1 and 2 Website  
Taylor, DaDawn Health & Science/Medical Ther/Dental Ther, HOSA Website  
Taylor, Lori School Counselor (Ro-Z) Website  
Tinord, Ania English III/Honors English III, ASP Director, Step Coach Website  
Turner, Tammy Physical Science Website  
VanLaningham, Lindsay Lifetime Wellness/PE I/Adaptive PE, Athletic Trainer, Head Softball Coach, FCA Sponsor Website  
Warren , Melissa Custodian Website  
Washington, Mikayla Educational Assistant Website  
Washington, Mikaylia Special Populations Educational Assistant Website  
Waters, Tammy Honors English II/English II/RICA, Title One Commitee and Coyote Pride Website  
Welker, Lindsey Counselor (A-D) Website  
Whitlock, Alexis Custodian Website  
Wilcox, Marvin Educational Assistant Special Populations Website  
Williams, Jason Physical Science/Physical Science Academy Website  
Williams, Philip Fund of Construction/Structural Systems I,II Website  
Williams, Rebecca ESL Teacher Website  
Wilson, Tracy SPED English I Teacher, SPED Department Chair Website  
Wright, Jamie Technology Integration Coach Website  
Wright, Kurt 11th & 12th Grade English Teacher Website  
Wynn , C. Anthony Custodian Website  
Yeomans, Cory Algebra II, ACT Prep Website  
Young, Kathy Assistant Principal Website  
Youngquist, William Welleness/P.E., Assistant Football Coach Website  
Zaragoza, Linda (Mrs. Z) Technology Website  

For corrections or questions about this school's website, email any of the following:
Matthew Slight,
Darlene Darr,