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Cultural Awareness

CMCSS is committed to building cultural awareness within the district. It is important to understand that a person’s culture may shape his or her values, behavior, and so much more. CMCSS meets with several diversity groups to better understand and to strengthen the sensitivity and understanding needed to have a high preforming district.

Increasing cultural awareness means several things to the district:

  • Recognize people’s customs, culture, and religion
  • Respect diverse individuals and their cultural beliefs
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment
  • Ensure a culture of respect and civility across the district

Adapting to different cultural beliefs and practices requires flexibility and a respect for others’ points of view.

Schools today face an increasing range of culturally diverse situations. To ensure success in educational cultural awareness it is important to have stakeholder feedback. If you have a question or concern about cultural awareness in the district please contact:

It is the policy of Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) not to discriminate against any student, employee, or applicant on the basis of sex, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, genetic information, sexual orientation, or handicapping condition. CMCSS will ensure that no student will be excluded from participating in or having access to any course offerings, student athletics, counseling services, employment assistance, extracurricular activities, or other school resources based on unlawful discrimination. CMCSS will take all necessary steps to ensure that each employee’s work environment is free of unlawful discrimination. No office, administrator, or employee of CMCSS including all persons representing CMCSS, shall intimidate, threaten, harass, coerce, discriminate against, or commit or seek reprisal against anyone who participates in any aspect of the discrimination complaint process associated with this policy.