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Weather Information

The weather is constantly monitored by the Operations Department to ensure that our students are safe while in our facilities and on our buses. Plans are in place and weather emergency drills are a part of the educational process at CMCSS.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, buses may alter their route as traffic and road conditions permit to pick up children at stops closer to their homes. If buses are running one of the routes below, a notification will appear on the home page of the CMCSS website to assist students and parents arrive at their bus stop in a safe and timely manner.

Please note that alternate weather routes only apply to regular pickups at the beginning and end of the school day; routes for after-school programs and STEM programs will use their normal stop location.

  • COLD WEATHER ROUTE: Temperature or wind chill has fallen below 20 degrees
  • HIGH HEAT INDEX ROUTE: Heat Index has exceeded 100 degrees