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Technology Department

 Technology Department (TCH)TCH
 ABC-123 Test document 05/01/2015
 TCH - EXTERNAL Technology - External Documents List 03/18/2015
 TCH-A001 Technology Purchases 02/27/2017
 TCH-A002 Technology Acceptable Usage 11/30/2015
 TCH-A003 User Password Policy 01/11/2016
 TCH-F018 Internet Usage Agreement 10/30/2008
 TCH-F020 Requisition for New Technology Purchases 02/06/2017
 TCH-F022 First Aid Station Equipment Loan Agreement 02/06/2017
 TCH-F023 Equipment Damage/Loss Incident Report 02/06/2017
 TCH-F024 User Charges Notification 05/10/2017
 TCH-F025 Computer Forensics Investigation Report 02/06/2017
 TCH-F026 Computer Evidence Chain of Custody 02/06/2017
 TCH-F027 Evidence Locker Open Access Log  
 TCH-F028 Evidence Locker Closed Access Log  
 TCH-F029 Temporary Parking Form  
 TCH-F030 ID Badge/ Swipe Card 02/06/2017
 TCH-P001 Determining Technology Requirements for Facilities 02/06/2017
 TCH-P003 Requisition and Installation of Software 02/06/2017
 TCH-P004 Service Calls 02/06/2017
 TCH-P008 Technology Acquisition Procedure 02/06/2017
 TCH-P023 Report Telephone System Problems 03/16/2017
 TCH-P025 Determining Equipment Damage/Loss 04/21/2015
 TCH-P026 Computer Abuse Discovery 08/25/2011
 TCH-P027 Investigation of Reported Computer Abuse Procedure 01/06/2016
 TCH-P028 User Password Selection and Protection Standards Procedure 02/06/2017
 TCH-W003 Securing a Student Machine (Teacher) 04/30/2015
 TCH-W004 Securing a Machine (Administrator) 04/22/2015
 TCH-W005 Student Computer Abuse Preliminary Investigation  
 TCH-W006 Hard Drive Cleanup  
 TCH-W007 Computer Confiscation  
 TCH-W008 Computer Forensic Investigation  
 TCH-W009 Securing Computer Evidence