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ENGAGE - CMCSS Professional Learning Conference

Mission Engage 2017

Engage Mission Video

Engage Preview

Engage Preview Video

Engage Flyer

Engage Flyer

ENGAGE is designed to be a powerful learning experience for every teacher. In order to meet that lofty goal, we need you! Leaders from Instruction and Curriculum hosted teacher feedback sessions with the purpose of identifying how best to improve support, structures, and resources for you.

They asked: How do CMCSS teachers learn best?

They heard:
I learn best when I am collaborating with colleagues.
I want to learn from someone who teaches what I teach.
I want to see best practices modeled for me.

Please consider offering at least one session at ENGAGE this summer so that we can continue to improve student achievement by sharing our expertise.

Submit your ideas:

All proposals are due no later than noon on Wednesday, February 22, so don’t be late! The Instruction and Curriculum Department will review all proposals and notify presenters on March 15.

Presenters will receive double professional learning credit for leading sessions.