Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.

Instruction & Curriculum    |   Our mission is to provide leadership and assistance to school leaders and staff to support student achievement

Employee Directory

impeartrice, sean

Dr. Sean Impeartrice

Chief Academic Officer
(931) 553-1146
vaughn, emily

Emily Vaughn

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
(931) 553-1148
bellamy, mason

Dr. Mason Bellamy

Director of Elementary Schools
(931) 553-1146
gist, mary

Dr. Mary Gist

Director of Middle Schools
(931) 553-1146
hollinger, tracy

Dr. Tracy Hollinger

Director of Instruction and Curriculum, 6-8
(931) 553-1154
luna, jean

Dr. Jean Luna

Director of High Schools
(931) 553-1146
paine, dayna

Dr. Dayna Paine

Director of Instruction and Curriculum, 9-12
(931) 553-1153

Administrative Support

parr, leighann

Leigh Ann Parr

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1146

Accountability and Assessments

sucharski, kim

Dr. Kimi Sucharski

Director of Accountability
(931) 553-1142

Dr. Karl Bittinger

Accountability Coordinator
(931) 553-1143
tomes, pam

Pam Tomes

Assessment Coordinator
(931) 553-1144
somer, haley

Somer Haley

Accountability Specialist
(931) 553-1141
jones, lanna

Lanna Jones

Assessment Assistant
(931) 553-1145

Adult Education


Betty Cook

Adult Education Supervisor
(931) 542-5049

Career Tech Education


Karen Pitts

Career Tech Education Coordinator
(931) 553-1169
scarborough, brenda

Brenda Scarborough

Career Tech Counselor
(931) 553-1171

Consulting Teachers

adams, michael ann

Michael Ann Adams

Early Learning Coordinator
(931) 553-1181
bishop, evelyn

Evelyn Bishop

Science/STEM Coordinator, 9-12
(931) 553-1175

Nancy Dye

Social Studies
(931) 553-1174

Angel Furcolowe

(931) 553-1180
harper, karen

Karen Harper

Science/STEM Coordinator, K-8

Elaine Hoffert

ELA and Read180
(931) 553-1179
james, jamie

Dr. Jamie James

College and Career Curriculum Coordinator
(931) 553-1182

Debbie Jones

Special Populations
(931) 920-7896

Banks Lyons

English and Language
(931) 553-1178
mcduffie, aurelia

Aurelia McDuffie

Special Populations
parks, michelle

Michelle Parks

Special Populations
(931) 920-7888

Angela Rouse

Related Arts
(931) 553-1176
sewell, susan

Susan Sewell

(931) 553-1177

Melinda Smith

Special Populations
(931) 920-7910
streeter, andrew

Andrew Streeter

Special Populations

Federal Programs


Cherie Long

Federal Programs Coordinator
(931) 553-1155
connelly, joanna

Jo-Anna Connelly

Administrative Assistant, Federal Programs
(931) 553-1170
guest, heather

Heather Guest

Homeless Liaison
(931) 648-5653 x1005
miller, carolyn

Carolyn Miller

ELL Facilitator
(931) 553-1159

Instructional Technology

Tracey Hoover

Instructional Technology Coordinator
(931) 542-7079

Philip Authier

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 218-9060

Linda Bagwell

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 572-4504

Lesley Burdine

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 218-3528

Lauren Clark

Technology Integration Coach

Julie Combs

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 257-6672

Kimberly Dennis

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 218-3263
head, anne

Anne Head

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 572-7396
head, danielle

Danielle Head

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 218-3221

Rachel Partain

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 237-8613

Chris Pugh

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 217-2017

Dee-Etta Whitlock

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 624-9993

Jamie Wright

Technology Integration Coach
(931) 218-3186


taliento, michael

COL (US Army Ret.) Michael Taliento

Director of Army Instruction
(931) 553-1101
brown, karlene

MSG (US Army Ret.) Karlene Brown

Military Property Specialist
(931) 553-1102

Professional Learning

Dr. Josh Mason

Director of Professional Learning
(931) 553-1183

Dori Dortch

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1126
hampton, brian

Brian Hampton

Professional Learning Management System
(931) 553-1123

Sara Hendrix

New Teacher Induction Facilitator

Tina Smith

New Teacher Induction Coordinator
(931) 553-1128

Staci Sohn

Online Professional Learning Facilitator
(931) 553-1122
vincent, elizabeth

Elizabeth Vincent

Professional Learning Coordinator
(931) 553-1104

School Counseling

springer, judy

Judy Springer

Lead School Counselor
(931) 553-1156

Special Populations

griffith, taylia

Taylia Griffith

Director of Special Populations
(931) 553-1164

Special Populations Coordinators

allen, cassie

Cassie Allen

Secondary Coordinator of Special Populations
(931) 553-1163
britt, rebecca

Rebecca Britt

Elementary Coordinator of Special Populations
(931) 553-1161
jackson, holly

Holly Jackson

Elementary Coordinator of Special Populations
(931) 553-1160

Nathan Travis

Secondary Coordinator of Special Populations
(931) 553-1162
wallus, katrina

Katrina Wallus

Coordinator of Special Populations

Special Populations, Administrative Support

davis, rhonda

Rhonda Davis

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1168
denney, brooksie

Brooksie Denney

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1166
sumrell, vanessa

Vanessa Sumrell

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1167
wilson, sharon

Sharon Wilson

Administrative Assistant
(931) 553-1165

Special Populations Support

burkhart, virginia

Virginia Burkhart

Low Vision Therapist
(931) 542-9270
clark, ashley

Ashley Clark

Physical Therapist
(931) 542-9263

Rachel Finney

Occupational Therapist
(931) 542-9269
henderson, anita

Anita Henderson

Vision Specialist
(931) 542-9269
long, lori

Lori Long

Physical Therapist
(931) 542-9266
roberts, kasey

Kasey Roberts

Assistant Occupational Therapist

Lydia Sleigh

Occupational Therapy Assistant
(931) 553-1134
quinn, souette

Souette Quinn

Assistive Technology Consultant
(931) 542-5071

Student Access

jackson, chiquita

Chiquita Jackson

Student Access Coordinator
(931) 553-1157

Student Support

miller, john

John Miller

District Programs and Activities Coordinator
(931) 553-1172