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Military Communications

CMCSS also partners with the Fort Campbell School Liaison office to provide our troops with the best possible services. For more information please contact: School Liaison Officers: Dr. Terri McQuirter, or Manuela Hemington,

Before and after school transportation provided to the following schools by the Fort Campbell Child and Youth Services School-Age Centers:
Barkers Mill Elementary, Glenellen Elementary, Hazelwood Elementary, Kenwood Complex (Elementary, Middle, and High), Liberty Elementary, Minglewood Elementary, New Providence Middle, Northeast Complex (Elementary, Middle, and High), Northwest High, Oakland Elementary, Pisgah Elementary, Ringgold Elementary, West Creek Complex (Elementary, Middle, and High), Woodlawn Elementary

CMCSS appreciates Fort Campbell as a part of the core of the district’s community. CMCSS also is aware of the many sacrifices these students and their families make. Military families bring a great number of experiences and backgrounds to the district; and because of that, clear communications are vital. CMCSS is proud to serve our military community and strives to provide a world-class education. CMCSS serves more than 8,000 students who are military dependents, which is more than those attending on post or in the surrounding communities.

Communicating with our military means several things to the district, including CMCSS must:

  • develop strategies which coordinate with Fort Campbell’s directives and missions.
  • provide a welcoming environment for military students entering the CMCSS system.
  • respect the unique situations our military students may face as students of military families.
  • integrate clear channels of communication for our military families.

CMCSS is proud to partner with Fort Campbell and proud to teach the students of our military community. The district also understands good communication does not happen automatically.

To ensure the success of our military dependent students, it is important to have stakeholder feedback. If you have a question or concern about military students in the district please contact Deb Cummings, Executive Assistant/School Board Secretary at

For more information about how to help support the academic success of military-dependent students, please visit