Going Green Initiative

Annually, CMCSS consumes approximately 50,671,649 KWH of electricity, 450,000 gallons of low sulfur diesel fuel, 77,640,200 gallons of water & sewer, 674,077 CCF of natural gas, and 16,096 gallons of propane gas. The annual cost of these energy and utility purchases exceeds $6,000,000 in the general funds budget.

Strategic initiatives of 2009/2010 led to the implementation of a district-wide Energy Management Policy (SLT-A003), a Temperature Set Point Policy (OPS-A003), Custodial Responsibilities for Start-up and Shut-down Work Instruction (OPS-W001), and Kitchen Start-up, Operation, and Shut-down Work instructions (CHN-W006). These initial energy conservation policies and implementing procedures, along with mild fall weather, appear to have reduced energy/utilities usage by an overall average of approximately 5% in the first quarter of 2009-2010. This data was presented, by school, to all 35 facility locations through their appointed Energy Champions in order to assist in building-level conservation efforts and decision making.

The CMCSS Facilities Department will continue making improvements in the Energy Management Program by involving stakeholders through the CMCSS Energy Management Team. The Facilities Department will continue to coordinate the efforts of this team over the next academic year.