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Indians Faculty and Staff
Name Position Information
Auletta, Trish Spanish I & II, TPRS Language Teacher Website  
Austin, Paula Business/Department Chair, FBLA & NTHS Sponsor Website  
Barber, Jennifer Assistant Principal / 1153 Website  
Bergman, Lee Visual Arts I and II Website  
Boner, Danny Agriculture, Academy of Plant and Animal Systems and FFA Website  
Bowling, Tony SRO Website  
Bradley, Joseph Director of Instrumental & Choral Music Website  
Brashears, Grant English ll/ Honors English ll, Head Coach Boys Soccer Website  
Brown, Courtney Comperry AP Chemistry/ Chemistry Website  
Brown, Mike Mathematics, Math Team Website  
Bumpus, Charles Carpentry 1 Website  
Bumpus, Charles Construction/Carpentry Website  
Bush, Miranda School Counselor Website  
Cheeves, Morgan Chemistry/Anat/Phys Website  
Christy, Lorne Inclusion Teacher, Geometry, Algebra I, Assistant Baseball Coach Website  
Cobb, Melanie Speech Language Pathologist Website  
Cochran, Lisa Algebra I/Geometry Website  
Davis, Maggie Senior English, Senior Class Sponsor, FTA Sponsor Website  
Davis, Scott Library Media Specialist, NHS Faculty Advisor & Freshmen Class Sponsor Website  
Drudy, Jessica English lll, SGA Sponsor Website  
Dunn, Todd U.S. History, Sociology, Head Baseball Coach Website  
Erb, Bethany School Counselor, Academy of Plant and Animal Systems Counselor Website  
Ferrell, Will Assistant Principal, Athletic Director Website  
Fisher, Michelle Custodian Website  
Frerking, Blake School Counselor Website  
Fussell, Ashlyn ISS/AG., FFA Advisor Website  
Gilcrest, Ted History, Girls and Boys Cross Country Coach Website  
Giles, Emily Comprehensive Development Class, Peer Mentoring, Special Olympics Area Co-Director and Coach Website  
Grubb, Lori Resource, Special Education Website  
Hayes, Richard Honors Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Math Team Website  
Hazen, Melanie Librarian/AP Lit & Comp Teacher/SL Teacher, Student Government Sponsor Website  
Heberer, Steven Statistics, AP Stats Website  
Hendrick, Melissa Education Assistant Website  
Herndon, Kim Accounting Tech Website  
Hill, Lisa Office Assistant Website  
Hoskins, Scott World History World Geography Website  
Houston, Christy Principal Website  
Howell, Vicki Custodian Website  
Ingle, Joyce Life Skills, Aide Website  
Jackson, Benton Algebra l Website  
Jackson, Kathryn English ll, Spanish l Website  
Jarrell, Christopher Visual Arts II,III, AP Art and Digital Photography, Fine Arts Dept. Chair, Key Club, Miss MCHS sponsor Website  
Johnsey, Carla ISS Teacher Website  
Klein, Marc Theater Website  
Krumel, Jessica Rd 180, RICA, Honors English I & II, Calumet Newspaper Adviser-Sophomore Class Sponser Website  
Krumel, Robert World Geography and World History Website  
Lehman, Keri Physical Science, Anat/Phys, SGA Sponsor Website  
Lepkowski, Larry JROTC Instructor, Asst. Football Coach, JROTC Drill Team Coach Website  
Lightner, Vernon JROTC Website  
Lindsey, Melissa AP Language, Honors English III, Psychology, NEHS sponsor, Title I Chairperson Website  
Long, Laura Latin, Junior Classical League Website  
Martinez, Melissa School Counselor, 504 & Testing Coordinator Website  
McKinney, Michael Biology/AP Biology Website  
Mills, Patty Office Assistant Website  
Mince, Carol American Government Website  
Mitchell, Allison Personal Finance, Computer Apps, Freshman Focus, FF Coordinator, Academic Awards, FBLA Advisor Website  
Mittura, Sara Geometry Website  
Morrison, Shannon Physical Education, Wellness, FCA sponsor; Tennis Coach Website  
Newberry, Danette Attendance Website  
Nix, Ashley English I, Latin I, Freshman Focus Website  
Nunn, Rocke Resource Physical Science & Biology Website  
Nunn, Ruth Special Ed--Transition & Dev Studies/Res. Eng. IV, Junior Class/Prom Adviser, Yearbook Adviser Website  
Petty, Cathy Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Key Club Sponsor Website  
Roberts, Steve Assistant Principal Website  
Scott, James Lead Custodian Website  
Scott, Jasmine Psychologist, School Psychologist Website  
Scott, Sue School Nurse Website  
Senft, Julie Spanish II/III/IV Website  
Shelton, William English I & II Teacher Website  
Shields, Jessica Biology Website  
Sleigh, Laura Office Assistant Website  
Streetman, Leslea Health Science, Nursing Education, HOSA Sponsor Website  
Tomlinson, Jeff US History, Economics, Head Football Coach Website  
Tuberville, Debra Special Education Teacher Website  
Tucker, Maggie Family & Consumer Science, FCCLA Adviser Website  
Vaughn, Ulrike Custodian Website  
Viall, Kimberly Algebra 2/Senior Bridge Math Website  
Watson, Valerie Accounting Tech Website  
Weaver, Leigh Office Assistant, Recylcing Club Sponsor Website  
Welfare, Nick English IV, Dual Enrollment English Composition 1010 and 1020 Website  
Whitehead, Andy Mathematics, FCA Website  
Worrell, Lisa Custodian Website  
Yarbrough, Kevin Physical Education/Wellness, Boys Tennis Coach Website  
Yates, Jennifer Geometry Website  
Young, James Physical Education, Boys Basketball Head Coach; Boys Golf Coach Website  

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