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Wildcats Parent Organizations
Parent Organizations often play an important role in student success. School parent groups often raise funds to purchase items that are not a part of the school budget, they support teachers and other school employees, and provide incentives for students. All parents are welcome to become part of their child's school parent group.

  • CHS Cheerleading Booster
    Contact President Sandy Hartwig, 2867 Prince Drive, Clarksville, 37043 931-302-4279,

  • CHS Cross Country Booster Club
    Contact Vice President Kristie Kirkpatrick, 114 Parkland Circle, Clarksville, 37043 931-220-7115,

  • CHS Football Alumni Club
    Contact President John Carney, 2305 Dogwood Lane, Clarksville, 37043, 931-320-2533,

  • Clarksville Takedown Club, Inc.
    Contact: Sponsor George Badon--- OR President David Isbell, 2872 Stacy Lane, Clarksville, 37043, 719-494-6685,

  • Clarksville Wildcats Band Booster Club
    Contact: Linda Nieles, 315 Ellington Dr. Clarksville, 37043, 931-206-3980,

    Contact Connie Hassell, 3530 Ashland City Road, Clarksville, 37043, 931-216-1136,

  • Lady Wildcats Soccer Booster Club
    Contact Denise Pickett, 2427 Ellsworth Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-249-6790,

  • PAWS Project Prom
    Contact: Sandy Hartwig, 2867 Prince Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-302-4279, or Assistant Principal Shari Tharpe

  • Volleycats Booster Club, Inc.
    Contact President Amanda Ross, 854 Glendale Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-320-0685,

  • Wildcat Baseball Booster Club (WBBC)
    Contact President Darren Baxter, Maxshire Ct. Clarksville, 37043, 931-801-9725,

  • Wildcat Golf Boosters
    Contact President Doyle Robertson---2154 Allendale Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-237-2501

  • Wildcat Softball
    Contact PresidentEmily Lackey, 2890 Prince Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-436-3734,

  • Wildcat Touchdown Club
    Contact Ofelia Lamas, 761 Hayden Drive, Clarksville, 37043, 931-302-4059, or Coach Isaac Shelby

  • Wildcats Soccer Goal Club
    Contact President Mike Helwig, 795Oak Plains Road, Clarksville, 37043, 931-249-2022,

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