Karen Sullivan

H Eng III, ACT Prep, Psychology, Service Learning
NHS, RPWS, S2S, 2020 StuCo, Jr. Civ, Tennis
Clarksville High School
E-mail: karen.sullivan@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 648-5690

About Me

I love my job, and I am committed to developing the academic maturity of each of my students.I am available for tutoring daily from 6am - 7am; however, tutoring may be canceled if I have a meeting or substitute. Karen Sullivan Educator, Clarksville High School Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Office: 931-648-5690 ext 2219 Fax: 931-648-5624 Email: Karen.Sullivan@cmcss.net


Classroom Expectations

0.  Honors English III - Turn in Weekly Writing Project by 3PM each Thursday (20% of report card grade)

1.  Honors English III - Complete your weekly outside reading assignments by Thursday night to be prepared to turn actively participate in Friday reading groups, to take Friday reading quizzes, and to turn in assignment tasks by 3PM Friday. (20% of report card grade)

2.  Honors English III - Convert all assigned class notes into Cornell-Style notes. These will be due on the Late Work deadline day assigned for the end of each nine weeks. Missing notes will be recorded as a zero. Non-Cornell-sytle notes will only receive 35/100 points.

3.  Honors English III - Remain on-task for all class work activities (40% of report card grade).

4.  English III - Actively study notes and handouts to prepare for unit tests (20% of report card grade)

5.  ACT Prep - Actively engage in all ACT prep activities.

6.  ACT Prep - Do not access any website that is not necessary to complete an academic assignment

7.  ACT Prep - Take advantage of Tutoring opportunities provided for classes in which you struggle

8.  EVERYONE - Do not use class time to complete work for other teachers/courses!

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