Serena Kerr

Guidance: students with last names A-G
S2S Counselor
Clarksville High School
Phone: (931) 648-5690

About Me

Hello. My name is Serena Beth Kerr. I am 38 years old, a mother of one, and have been married for 19 years. I have been an architecture student at the University of Kentucky, a student of the University of Maryland, where I earned my B.S. in Psychology, and a student of Austin Peay State University, where I earned both a M.S. in School Counseling as well as a M.S. in Community Counseling both with honors. I have lived in the Clarksville area for the past 13 years. Originally from Kentucky, I am not far from home and am able now to enjoy family and friends in both Tennessee and Kentucky. My husband, son, and I have made a life here for ourselves and truly enjoy the community and culture of Clarksville. I look forward to many more years here with each of you.

Listen to the morning announcements daily at CHS throughout the year. New student opportunities are always arriving at the school. Who knows? The next one may be just the thing you have been looking for! ...If you missed the announcements at the beginning of your third period class, you can also read the print version at the CHS website under 'School News'. Just click on the 'here' in blue at the bottom of the 'School News' thread. That will take you to a link to the Daily Announcements. Parents: this is a great way to know the opportunities out there for your student! :)
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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I can't wait to see you soon!!! :)
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No matter what your grade level, the library has a book for you!

9th & 10th Graders: Check out the career related books. Get going on a foundation on your resume. Check out a book that will help you do just that.

11th Graders: Check out a college planning guide. Research now so you can begin the process this coming summer.

12th Graders: You may need to review any of the suggestions for the prior grade levels. You may also want to check out a scholarship book for reading and research.

You can also do many of these things on the website. Use the link to the right to get started today...

It is better to be early than too late! :)

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Here's a cool website that can help you with your assignments this year:

Some of the links are free to use. Take advantage of those! :)

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Finding Money for College

Scholarships are wide and varied. Scholarships exist on the local, regional, state, and national level. Scholarships are also available through sources such as local businesses, restaurants, community organizations, and individual colleges, universities, and technical schools. Individuals offer scholarships to students based on a variety of reasons. Since scholarships are offered for a variety of reasons by a variety of people, deadlines vary greatly. The CHS School Website has a scholarship newsletter that is updated throughout the year as we receive scholarship opportunities and screen these opportunities for only those that are legitimate scholarships. General scholarships will be posted throughout the year while local business scholarships tend to be posted in the spring.

The link to the CHS scholarship newsletter is:

The newsletter will be updated frequently.

The CHS librarians also post scholarships on the Senior webpage as well.

Once you have reviewed and applied for all eligible scholarships, I suggest that parents and students check the newsletters at least once per week for updates. Updates are usually in red to make them easier to spot. It is also good to go to the scholarship page on each university's website that a student is interested in attending, ahead of the time the student will be applying for admissions. This will help to insure that you do not miss any deadlines and are aware of the requirements therein. Many postsecondary institutions require students to apply for admissions (and sometimes be accepted) before applying for scholarships, so make sure to apply to the institutions of your choice as early as possible! Most colleges applications are available to students from the end of the second semester of your Junior year until August the 1st. Collect all the information you need early so you can apply as soon as possible.

We also have several scholarship books in school counseling that students can do research on scholarships with when they have time. Some students come before school and sit in our student area in school counseling to do scholarship research through these materials. Some stay after school for this purpose. Some ask permission from their teachers to come when they have finished their work in class. I tell the students to begin by reading through the index of the book. By doing this, a lot of times they find scholarships they never would have known they were eligible for applying for, without the daunting task of looking through a 500 page book, page by page.

Our library also has several scholarship books you can check out. Ms. Sandy Ing or Ms. Beth Frerking could help you check out these books at your convenience. The Montgomery County Public Library also has a large reference section of scholarship books for individuals to use. These items cannot be removed from the county library, but are great resources to reference. Most students can easily take pictures of the scholarships they are eligible to apply for, still keeping the information easily accessible for later.

I also have a number of websites concerning scholarships, financial aid, and other useful sites linked here to my personal CMCSS webpage for parents and students to use. All you need to do is click the link and you will be taken to the site.

Happy scholarship hunting! ...Remember: It is never too early to start looking. :)

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Some of you may want to take a college tour soon. For the APSU campus visit you can go to the website: and sign up on that page for a tour of the campus. To visit other college campuses just Google the college name, followed by searching the college's website for 'campus tour'. That will usually bring up a direct link to signing up for a college tour for that university. You can also call the university itself and they can assist. :)

Senior Night will also be here soon. Senior Night is basically a time to review the college process with all our students, complete with a folder full of information to guide them on their senior journey, along with our help too, of course. Many of the big colleges have early decision admissions deadlines. I always tell the students, the sooner the better on getting their college applications in and starting on scholarships. Make sure to ask to see your students senior folder after Senior Night if you were unable to attend with them, and don't forget to frequently ask where they are in the process.

Senior students should go ahead and start or continue the online application processes to the top schools they are interested in so they can become aware of the deadlines in the process as each school may have different student deadlines. The application for admission is usually what gets students looked at for academic scholarships, but there are also usually many other scholarships offered by each university. I would also suggest students go ahead and look at the scholarships at each university they are interested in on their respective websites. The information is usually found under the financial aid section of the websites.

I love seeing the students get into the college, technical school, or program of their dreams, and even love more so when they get in with good scholarships. Staying on top of deadlines is half the battle! :)

Do you remember hearing about the Tennessee Promise Program?

The Tennessee Promise program offers free tuition at the Tennessee College for Applied Technology(TCAT), as well as a variety of other two year postsecondary programs (see for more details) for Tennessee high school graduates. The Tennessee Promise can also pay a good portion of tuition for associate degree programs at select four-year institutions. Please go to the Tennessee Promise website for an up-to-date list of these institutions.

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Classroom Expectations

0.  Use the resources available to you at CHS!!!

1.  Students should explore and implement their own talents academically, personally and socially.

2.  Remember that every day can be a great day if you make it so!!! :)

3.  Everything is possible that you can dream and choose to work towards. :)

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