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¡Hola! I am very excited of working at CHS as a member of the Foreign Language Department teaching Spanish I. I have a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Austin Peay State University. ***Classroom Management Philosophy: It is my personal belief that being an effective teacher entails a lot of responsibility. It is not only based on knowledge, but also on achievements and relationships. We are agents of change, and as such, we are molding the children that will be the leaders of our nation in the near future. I see children as a blank canvas, with unlimited possibilities; parents, teachers and society are the artists that have the power to paint on it. Each brush stroke has an irreplaceable impact on the creation of a masterpiece.

Spanish I Course Syllabus Fall 2016

Course Description:

In Spanish I, you will develop your ability to express yourself orally, read and write in the Spanish language. We will group our study of the Spanish language and culture, around target structures and thematic units. The complete curriculum standards and philosophy for the Study of a Second Language as set forth by the State of Tennessee Board of Education can be found on their website: .

Academic standards, chosen by the Tennessee State Board of Education, provide a common set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the end of a specific grade or course. Local school districts determine the order in which these state-mandated standards are addressed in their schools. For a breakdown of standard pacing and course objectives for Spanish 1 students in the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, please visit the Curriculum Navigator on the CMCSS homepage found at:

It is the policy of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System to follow the dictates of state statues in the selection and use of all instructional materials. Parents or legal guardians may request to review any instructional materials used in the classroom of the parent or legal guardian’s child following the guideline set forth in Instructional Policy INS-A073 found at:

The chart below outlines the units of study for Spanish 1 and possible major assignments or field trips that could be used to enhance student learning or solidify mastery of standards in each unit. This chart is not inclusive of every assignment for Spanish 1, as additional or different assignments may be created based on the needs of students. Specific details for major assignments will be shared with students and parents or legal guardians as the standards related to the assignments are addressed in class.

Unit **Topic =Possible Major Assignments

Pre **¡Hola! =Quizzes, test, activities

1 **Un rato con los amigos =Quizzes, test, activities

2 **¡Vamos a la escuela! =Quizzes, test, activities

3 **Comer en familia =Quizzes, test, activities, project

4 **Bienvenido a nuestra casa =Quizzes, test, activities, project

5 **En el centro =Quizzes, test, activities

6 **Manterner un cuerpo sano =Quizzes, test, activities, project

7 **¡Una semana fenomenal! =Quizzes, test, activities

8 **Una rutina differente =Quizzes, test, activities

Course Materials:

Pencils, eraser, Expo fine dry erase marker (Black), loose-leaf notebook paper (college or wide rule) or notebook, color pencils and a Spanish English dictionary.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Respect and accept self and others.

2.  Be on time. Be seated and ready to work when the bell rings.

3.  Be polite. Speak when called upon.

4.  Bring needed supplies and books to class daily.

5.  Do homework/review daily. Ask questions as needed.

6.  Follow all CMCSS and school rules.

The Spanish Alphabet