Mary Maxwell

Visual Art I, II, III, IV
Art Club Sponsor
Clarksville High School
Phone: (931) 648-5690

About Me

I am an advocate of personal growth, change, and making a positive impact in the world in which we live. I am a former Peace Corps Volunteer and English language teacher for immigrants through a faith based initiative in Nashville. I worked as a project manager and producer in video and interactive computer programs for business and museum applications before I became a teacher. This is my fifth year at CHS and thirteenth year teaching. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Austin Peay State University and a Master of Education from Tennessee State University. I am passionate about my Christian faith and teaching Visual Art. My interests are reading, traveling, hiking and backpacking. I have reached base camp on Mt. Ranier and have summitted 4 - 14,000 feet + peaks. I look forward to reaching the summit of many more mountains and attaining more personal goals!

Visual Art Syllabus

Clarksville High School Instructor: Mary Maxwell

Email: / Phone: (931) 648-5690 / Room E172


I am excited for the new school year and truly hope that you are eager to learn, ready to explore, and willing to take risks. You will learn how to apply a variety of processes, media, and techniques, develop your creativity, critical thinking and technical skills, critique artworks, and reflect on and evaluate your artwork. You will discover how concepts, enduring themes, and societal issues are related to the visual arts and how art is an interpretation of the times. (


• Be in class, on time, prepared, and on task

• Be respectful, responsible, and resourceful

• Follow procedures and perform daily clean up duties

• Computer and music device are only allowed with permission


• Warning, parent contact, discipline referral


• Art I – IV Students: #2 wooden pencils, good eraser, black fine tip permanent ink pen, notebook paper

• Art II – IV Students: A long, shallow food container with lid for mixing and storing paint.

• Art III – IV Students: It is recommended that you purchase your own paintbrushes for acrylics.


• Kleenex, hand sanitizer, newspapers, old t-shirts, magazines


• Formative (Learning) Assessments (30%) are accorded daily points including but not limited to productivity and being on task: investigation, planning, skill building and practice exercises, following of procedures including set up and clean up duties.

• Summative (Post Learning) Assessments (70%) are in the form of written assignments, tests, presentations, and finished art projects. You are evaluated on your achievement and demonstration of knowledge, skills and techniques application, craftsmanship, creativity, problem solving, and time management and effort.

• Late Assignments: 3 points per day will be deducted and no late assignments will be accepted after 5 class periods.

• Excused Absences and Make-up Work: No points are deducted, but you are responsible for finding out what you missed and turning in missing assignments in a timely manner. (You have the amount of time you were absent to turn in missed or make-up work.)

• Unexcused Absences and Make-up Work: You are accorded 0 points per day/F for unexcused absences if make-up assignment is not completed and turned in with the amount of time you were absent.

• Re-do of Project, Test, or Written Assignment (one per semester): Students may request to rework or re-do an assignment within a week of the original being graded.

• Extra Credit: Proof of attendance (ticket or playbill) and a 1-page written reflection for attendance to a fine arts performance or exhibit (theater, band, or choir performance or a gallery or museum exhibit).

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The Art Club is open to Art 2 - 4 students and has a $10 club fee, which is due within the first month of school. Art Club meets on Tuesday afternoons from 2:30 - 3:30pm. Attendance is required and members are expected to be on time and engaged in volunteer or assigned art projects. Athletes and students with conflicting club schedules must notify the teacher, in advance, if not able to attend.

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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford
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My Daily Practice

I choose to have a positive attitude,

to be an encourager, and to be encouraged.

I choose to be respectful, to apply self-control,

and self-discipline to all my class endeavors.

I choose to take responsibility for my learning

and apply myself to perform quality work.

I choose to seek excellence over mediocrity

and success over failure.

The Choice is Mine.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Be in class, on time, prepared, and on task

2.  Be respectful, responsible, and resourceful

3.  Follow procedures and perform daily clean up duties

4.  CMCSS Student Code of Conduct

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