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Hey! I'm Rob Gallowitz and this is my sixth year teaching in the district and third year as a Wildcat. I am originally from Clarksville and have attended both high school and college here! This will be an exciting and significant year for seniors as we prepare them for the next level!

English IV Syllabus


Academic standards, chosen by the Tennessee State Board of Education, provide a common set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the end of a specific grade or course. Local school districts determine the order in which these state-mandated standards are addressed in their schools. For a breakdown of standard pacing and course objectives for English IV students in the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, please visit the Curriculum Navigator on the CMCSS homepage found at:

It is the policy of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System to follow the dictates of state statues in the selection and use of all instructional materials. Parents or legal guardians may request to review any instructional materials used in the classroom of the parent or legal guardian’s child following the guideline set forth in Instructional Policy INS-A073 found at:

The chart below outlines the units of study for English IV and possible major assignments or field trips that could be used to enhance student learning or solidify mastery of standards in each unit. This chart is not inclusive of every assignment for English IV, as additional or different assignments may be created based on the needs of students. Specific details for major assignments will be shared with students and parents or legal guardians as the standards related to the assignments are addressed in class.


Topic Possible Major Assignments

1 Beginning Literacy Standards History of the English Language; Origins of the Epic Hero: excerpts from Beowulf

2 Developing Literacy Standards Icons of British Literature: excerpts from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; Shakespeare’s Macbeth

3 Mastery of Literacy Standards Research Projects and Multimedia Presentations; The Influence of Satire: Swift and Voltaire

4 Extension of Literacy Standards Examining the Human Condition: Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Culminating Activity: Transition Project

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Classroom Expectations

1.  1. Set a standard for yourself.

2.  2. Stay positive.

3.  3. Work diligently.

4.  4. Strive to improve just 1% better everyday.

5.  5. Be attentive.

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