Charlcie Bryant

Spanish Teacher

Kenwood High School
Phone: (931) 905-7900

About Me

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! I began my teaching career at Kenwood in 2002 and am very excited to return to Kenwood to teach Spanish. I received my bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages from Austin Peay, as well as my master's degree in Educational Leadership. I have also studied abroad in México for a semester, while completing an internship at the State Commission of Human Rights. I am happy to bring those experiences with me to the classroom. Above all, I am excited to teach students to understand other cultures and to learn to communicate in another language!

Supply List for Spanish 1 and Spanish 3:

* College-ruled paper

* Pencils (mechanical or #2)

* Folder for class materials (may be in a binder with folders for other classes)

*2 Highlighters (any color)

*2 Dry erase markers for class use (any color)

Your supplies should stay with you. You will not need to submit them to the teacher. Please replenish as you need throughout the year.

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Goals: The goals of our program are to help students to acquire Spanish through comprehensible input. When they acquire a second language, they learn to listen first, read what they have listened to, write what they have read or listened to, and then finally they learn to speak it. It is my philosophy that students should learn to use the language, not simply learn the rules about the language.

Curriculum: Students will focus on high-frequency structures, or the most often used words; between three and six new target structures each week. We will use these structures in class discussions, stories, and cultural explorations.

Class Behaviors and Guidelines: Class rules and procedures have been established for our classroom in order to keep an orderly learning environment. Each student is expected to follow our rules and procedures so that class time is used effectively and learning can take place. Parents will be notified when their child has disrupted the learning environment.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Students can listen and read actively.

2.  Students will only have something on their desks if instructed to do so.

3.  Students will sit up well and make eye contact with the teacher.

4.  Students will use signals to show if the teacher is speaking to quickly or if the student does not understand.

5.  Only one person should talk at a time.

6.  Students and teacher will work together to give 100%.

7.  Students will respond correctly when the teacher is looking for a choral response.

8.  Class actors should sync their actions with the teacher's words when storytelling.

Class Syllabus