Sam Tolleson

Mathematics, Algebra II and Statistics Dual Credit
Math Dept. Chairman
Kenwood High School
Phone: (931) 905-7900

About Me

I have been in Education work for 40+ years with 10 of those years in Administration. Teaching is a calling for me and I try to make every student successful in my classroom.


Classroom Expectations

1.  Students will have a bell ringer each day relating to the clear target. Homework is assigned each day, however some time in class will be given to begin this work so I can provide help for students with questions.

2.  Grading: Students will be graded on classroom participation (which includes classwork and homework), Quizzes given weekly, projects given 3 times each 9 weeks, and tests given over each unit.

3.  Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate classroom behavior. Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct at all times. Parents of students who vary from these expectations will be called, and discipline referrals will be written as necessary.

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