Lee Quarles

CDC, Special Education Teacher
KMS Boys Basketball
Kenwood High School
E-mail: lee.quarles@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 905-7900

About Me

Hello. I am Lee Quarles and I am glad to be back at Kenwood High and Kenwood Middle School. I am a long time product of the school system. Your student will develop and maintain academic, social and transition skills that will enable them to become successful. I look forward to building new relationships and maintaining old ones. Let's have a great school year! #KnightNation!


I would like to extend a warm Kenwood welcome to all parents/guardians and students! The purpose of this syllabus is to introduce myself and inform you of the procedures and expectations of my classroom. My ultimate goal this year is to help your child be successful and reach his or her full learning potential.

The Comprehensive Development Class is designed to prepare the students who need intensive help to make a successful transition from high school to the real world.


The overall goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will help create a foundation for life as students graduate from high school.

We will cover topics such as:

• Self-advocacy

• Cooking and meal planning

• Employment skills

• Employment/Career Ready

• Increasing communication skills

• IEP goals

We will also emphasize functional reading, writing, and math (telling time, money skills), science and social studies.


I believe that parent/teacher/student ‘teaming’ is vital to your child’s success. We all want the same results, your child being prepared for life after school to the best of their abilities; therefore, I invite you to participate in frequent communication. I will most likely respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours. All meetings/conferences should be prearranged. Please avoid “drop-in” conferences as this makes it very difficult for me to prepare and do a thorough job of discussing the situation. Contact information is on the top of this syllabus.


Course activities are individualized for each student based on their current IEP.


Your child will not receive a graded report card. I will assess your child’s progress towards each of their IEP goals, through observation, data collection, and work produced. You will receive a progress report every nine-week grading period.


My KHS webpage contains information for students and parents. To find the webpage, visit www.cmcss.net, click “Our Schools”, click “Kenwood High School” (under high schools), and then click “Faculty & Staff Directory.” Scroll down until you see my name and then click “Website”.


Hopefully we will have peer mentors in the classroom again this year. They are very helpful in improving their communication and social skills. The students form friendships and increased individual instruction, which helps them increase their mastery of academic skills.


Use polite speech and body language. Unkind teasing, bullying and impolite behavior is unacceptable. Everyone has a voice in this classroom.

Attend regularly. The importance of attending regularly cannot be overestimated. Please arrive at class on time and expect to remain until class is over.


Students will be expected to follow classroom/school rules and procedures. When necessary, I will follow the steps outlined in the Student Handbook to deal with disciplinary issues.


We participate in Special Olympics, field trips, bake sales, fundraisers, occasional sporting events, and dances. If you want to volunteer to help, just contact me for more information.

Again, I am honored to have this opportunity to work with you and your child. I look forward to a great year!

Thank you,

Mr. Quarles

posted 8/7/2017 11:05:00 PM