Kirstie Reed

Business, Marketing and Management Teacher
Faculty/Staff Hospitality
Kenwood High School
Phone: (931) 905-7900

About Me

Hello All!! The following is a little bit of information about me: I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas but I have family all over the Middle, West Tennessee area. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Southern Arkansas University, in 2008, where I played softball. As any of my students can tell you, I love softball and sports, in general- especially UT Football! I attended the University of Tennessee- Knoxville in the fall of 2008 to pursue my Master's Degree in Sport Management- Marketing. During my time at UT, I was the Graduate Assistant for the Women's Softball team until my graduation in December 2009. I have two great big dogs: a Great Pyrenees and an Irish Wolfhound. They are my kids away from my work kids!


Classroom Expectations

1.  I have 2 classroom expectations: Be Respectful & Be Prepared. That’s respectful of yourself, your classmates, your school, your work, your building, your teachers & your administrators. Be prepared by bringing paper and a writing utensil everyday & having your work completed when it is due.