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Wellness and Physical Education
Boys and Girls Cross Country
Kenwood High School
Phone: (931) 905-7900

About Me

My name is Kelly Daniel and I started my teaching career in 1999. I am happy to say that I moved to Kenwood High School in 2011 and have been here since. I earned my B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Belmont University, and a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision from Austin Peay State University. I teach Wellness and Physical Education and I am the girls Cross Country coach at KHS.



Teachers: Coach Daniel

Office Phone: 931 905-7900


I want to welcome you to Kenwood High Schools’ Lifetime Wellness program. I am excited and have high expectations for this Wellness department and for you. Some of the things you will be exposed to in the physical activity portion of the class are: Rhythmic Activities, Fitness/Conditioning, Team Sports, and Individual Sports.

Academic standards, chosen by the Tennessee State Board of Education, provide a common set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the end of a specific grade or course. Local school districts determine the order in which these state-mandated standards are addressed in their schools. For a breakdown of standard pacing and course objectives for course title students in the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, please visit the Curriculum Navigator on the CMCSS homepage found at:

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Grading System: Each grading period is nine weeks long. We will spend anywhere up to three weeks of the grading period in the classroom. The remaining time will be spent in the gym, where you will earn 20 points a day. Failure to dress out and participate in activities may cost you some or all of these points. Students who do not dress out will participate in the activity. Example: The points earned in the gym will be combined with those points earned in the health classroom for a student’s final nine week grade.

Components of Wellness Grades:

Health Classroom: Class work, Test or Quiz, or Projects

Gym Point System: 20 points a day/per week = 100 possible points

• 5 points = dressing out, 5 points =warm up, and 10 points = participation

100-93 = A

92-85 = B

84-75 = C

74-70 = D

69 & below = F/ Unacceptable Achievement

Classroom: The text books will not be taken home. All work will be done in the classroom except for special assignments given by the teacher.

Punctuality: Be on time! You must be in your spot/seat before the tardy bell rings. 1st tardy - warning, 2nd tardy - parent notification, 3rd tardy - Discipline Referral.

Dress Code in the Gym: You will be expected to dress out and participate in the assigned activities every day. Participation is expected, even if you forget your clothes. T-shirt or sweatshirt, GYM shorts or sweats, socks and tennis shoes with non-marking soles must be worn. Take your clothes home to wash on a regular basis. No sagging, no short-shorts, no blue-jeans, no flip-flops may be worn in PE

Absentees: Any student who is absent for any reason, excused or unexcused, must write a 1 page paper on any topic that is health or sports related in order to earn 20 points for that day. The student will be required to turn in the assignment within a week of their absence or it will result in a zero.

Medical and Parental Notes: If you become ill or injured you will need a note from a doctor to receive an alternate assignment. Be sure to have doctors specify the number of days and the specific date the student can return to physical activity. A note from a parent must be verified by the nurse before class in order to be an acceptable excuse for an alternative assignment.

Lockers: If you use a locker, you are responsible for purchasing a combination lock. I would not leave anything in the locker room before or after class. If a student is not dressing out, they are not allowed in the locker room for any reason.

Leaving valuables lying around is only inviting theft. KHS is not responsible for items that are left unsecured in the locker rooms. No horseplay or careless behavior will be tolerated in the locker room. This will be strictly enforced to prevent locker room misbehavior.


1. Be on time and in assigned spot when the bell rings.

2. Speak at appropriate times and use appropriate voices.

3. Respect everyone, their personal property, and take pride in your school.

4. Go to the bathroom before or after class.


1. Verbal warning/possibly remove from activity

2. Behavior modification note/Parent Contact

3. Parent contact

4. Discipline Referral

Note: Certain offenses will result in immediate Discipline Referral

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Students should be on time and in their assigned spot when the bell rings.

2.  Students should be prepared.

3.  Students should be respectful of themselves and others around them.