Ruth Nunn

Special Ed--Transition & Dev Studies/Res. Eng. IV
Junior Class/Prom Adviser, Yearbook Adviser
Montgomery Central High School
Phone: (931) 387-3201

About Me

As a graduate of MCHS and a member of the community my goal is to ensure that all students receive the very best we have to offer.

Daily Journals are due each Monday. Students must respond to a prompt on the board each day. If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain the journal information from other students. There is a minimum requirement of 35 words per day.
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Assignment Books are due each Monday. Information much be clear and specific. Include 1)what you do during class 2) homework 3) test & project dates
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Classroom Expectations

1.  ~Students should come prepared with paper and pencil daily.

2.  ~Follow all rules as designated in the CMCSS Code of Conduct.

3.  ~Follow directions.

4.  ~Food & drinks are prohibited.

5.  ~Be prepared to work from bell to bell

6.  ~Respect yourself & others.