Leslea Streetman

Health Science, Nursing Education
HOSA Sponsor
Montgomery Central High School
E-mail: leslea.streetman@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 387-3201

About Me

Welcome to Health Occupations! My name is Leslea Streetman and I have been teaching seven years and I am also a registered nurse with a background in public health, NICU, Newborn Nursery, Postartum, and L&D. I am still thrilled to continue to grow our tradition of a 100% pass rate on the state nursing assistant exam as well as begin instructing our Medical Assisting Course. We work hard in class, but have a good time doing it! Support the MCHS HOSA Club--- Shop GFS (Gordon Food Services) and Publix. .

go to google classroom, enter the class codes pending your course:

1st health science: dcmvvuh

2nd health science: yvlery7

a&p: cvrieQm

med ther: qgc9x4f

nursing ed: rd0azym

posted 6/14/2016 2:35:00 PM

For nursing ed student insurance: click link 11 under classroom links then once on their page :Registered Nurse and go to “Student Nurse”. This would apply to CNA students. On the left hand side of the landing page you will see “Check Rates & Apply Online”.
posted 8/7/2012 2:26:00 PM

Join HOSA Club! Fees are $20 for the year (national, state, and local fees) and is due the first Friday in September. Any student who has ever taken a Health Occupations Class or who is currently enrolled may join.
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All classes: Class fee of $8 due by first week in September.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Be prepared, Be on time, Be respectful, , DON'T touch the lab equipment unless instructed, NO TALKING BACK! No horseplay,And... NO food or drink in class!

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