Christopher Jarrell

Visual Arts II,III, AP Art and Digital Photography
Fine Arts Dept. Chair, Key Club, Miss MCHS sponsor
Montgomery Central High School
Phone: (931) 387-3201

About Me

I have been teaching Visual Arts for eight years and I love watching students grow into artists. It is my hope that students leave my class with a new appreciation of art and a desire to continue developing new found skills and interests.

1st Semester Exam Schedule—December 2017

Wednesday, December 13th

7:30-9:15 1st period EXAM

9:15-9:25 Break

9:25-11:05 2nd period EXAM

Move to 3rd period or lunch

11:10-11:35 A lunch

11:40-12:05 B lunch

12:10-12:35 C lunch

12:40-2:25 4th period EXAM

2:25 Dismissal

Thursday, December 14th

7:30-9:15 5th period EXAM

9:15-9:25 Break

9:25-11:05 6th period EXAM

Move to 3rd period or lunch

11:10-11:35 A lunch

11:40-12:05 B lunch.

12:10-12:35 C lunch

12:40-2:25 7th period EXAM

2:25 Dismissal

Montgomery Central High School—Accountability, Integrity and Consistency

An MCHS Graduate—Academically Prepared, Socially Competent, Connected to Community

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ScreenCastify tutorials are available on the Digital Photo Google Classroom for students to follow along as they work on their assignments!
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Classroom Expectations

1.  Students will participate and try their BEST in all projects

2.  Students will respect all materials and other student's work.

3.  Students will follow all classroom procedures

4.  Students will turn in a sketchbook weekly

Google Classroom
Scholastic Art
The Frist Center
Museum of Modern Art
The National Gallery of Art