Allison Mitchell

Personal Finance, Computer Apps, Freshman Focus
FF Coordinator, Academic Awards, FBLA Advisor
Montgomery Central High School
Phone: (931) 387-3201

About Me

I started my professional career in the Banking Industry, staying in that for 10+ years. I started teaching in January 2013, hoping to bring my knowledge of Finance and Banking to educate students about the "real world" and how money really works for them, and help them understand the true value of a dollar. I have two beautiful children, Ryan (13) and Ava (7). I'm a native Clarksvillian, and am proud to be at Central. Best school in the county!


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be prepared for class.

2.  Be respectful of others and their ideas.

3.  Be kind. It's much easier than the alternative, and won't get you into trouble!

4.  Inappropriate use of the Internet or printing of any material not approved by the teacher will result in behavior notification and/or referral.

5.  Take good care of your computer and always pick up after yourself!

6.  Turn in ALL on time. Absolutely NO late work will be accepted.

Dave Ramsey