Samantha Szoszorek

7th Math

Montgomery Central Middle School
Phone: (931) 387-2575

About Me

I am new to Tennessee as well as the Clarksville Montgomery County School System. I was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania; and until now I have lived there my entire life. I attended Edinboro University from 2007-2012 and received my bachlelors in Elementary Education and Special Education. Then continued on to get my masters in Teaching Reading.


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be RESPECTFUL of yourself

2.  Be RESPECTFUL of others

3.  Be RESPONSIBLE for your actions

4.  CLASSROOM GUIDELINES -enter and exit the classroom quietly -remain in your seat -follow directives the first time they are given -be an ACTIVE listener -raise you hand for questions -participate in the learning experience

5.  CLASSROOM CONSEQUENCES: 1-Verbal Warning 2-Written -behavior reflection assignment 3-Parent Contact (email/phone call) 4-Office Referral

6.  *TARDIES: School policy mandates an office referral on the 3rd tardy to class.*

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