Avril Simms

7th RLA / 2203

Montgomery Central Middle School
E-mail: avril.simms@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 387-2575

About Me

I've lived in Christian County, Kentucky my whole life except for the three years I lived in Lexington where I attended the University of Kentucky. There I received a B.A. in History and a minor in Art History. I am now a student at Austin Peay State University obtaining a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. I am a huge book and movie fanatic, and I like to run and hike (even thought I'm not very good at either). A long-running dream of mine is to one day visit Japan!

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posted 10/8/2015 5:25:00 AM

Welcome to my classroom! For more detailed information on class assignments and events, please link to my classroom blog at http://www.avrilsimms6grrla.blogspot.com
posted 8/5/2015 10:20:00 AM


Classroom Expectations

1.  1. CLASSROOM PBS RULES: Be responsible and ready to learn.

2.  2. CLASSROOM PBS RULES: Be respectful of yourself, peers, and adults.

3.  3. CLASSROOM PBS RULES: Be proud of your school.

4.  4. CLASSROOM CONSEQUENCES: 1-Verbal Warning 2-Written -behavior reflection assignment

5.  5. CLASSROOM CONSEQUENCES CONTINUED: 3-Parent Contact (email/phone call) 4-Office Referral

6.  *TARDIES: School policy mandates an office referral on the 3rd tardy to class.*

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