Sara Wells

7th Science / 2209

Montgomery Central Middle School
Phone: (931) 387-2575

About Me

I am happy and grateful to start out the new 2016-2017 school year as an "Indian" here at Montgomery Central Middle School. We are "Central Strong"! Looking forward to all of the exciting things to come this year in Science.

QUIZ...on Earth's Resources/Natural Resources & Renewable/Non-Renewable Sources this Friday 8/19.
posted 8/16/2016 7:42:00 PM

Thank You to all the parents who completed the "Parent Letter" assignment! I was impressed by many of the things I learned about your child in each individual letter. It helps me to see a side of them that I may not necessarily see in the classroom, but more importantly how to help them as a learner earlier on.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you all this Thursday(8/18) evening at the Open House.

If you have not turned in some of the new school year forms that have been passed out daily during homeroom, I will be more than happy to accept them on Open House night as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have for your child this school year in Science!

posted 8/16/2016 7:38:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

1.  ~Use Time Wisely

2.  ~Come Prepared to Learn

3.  ~Be Respectful

4.  ~Follow Instruction

5.  ~Ask for Guidance/Help

6.  ~Walk Away with Knowledge

Power Up!
Sortify: Natural Resources
Save the World
Renewable & Nonrenewable Video
Earth's Layers/Composition