Angela Wilson-Haley

Algebra II, Algebra II Honors

Northeast High School
Phone: (931) 648-5640

About Me

Graduate of Texas A&M University with degrees in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Production with certification in High school Mathematics. Have coached Wrestling for 15 years both Boys and Girls with multiple State qualifiers and Champions. 2016 Girls State champions

Algebra II Course Materials List:

1) 1" - 3ring binder (Organized)

2) PENCILS (Mechanical Preferred)

3) Color Pencils

4) Highlighers

5) Ruler

6) Loose Leaf Paper

7) Graph Paper

8) 1 pkg of 4 AAA batteries

9) Box Kleenex

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Math will be done in Pencil ONLY, I encourage mistakes in learning Math.

2.  When Teacher has floor, students will not be talking, and will be paying attenion and taking notes.

3.  Students will come to class prepared, EVERYDAY!, with Paper, Pencil, and Book. Calculators are provided.

4.  Be on time, in seat doing bellringer and with a Positive Attitude.

2016-17 Algebra 2 Syllabus
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