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I received my Masters Degree in Teaching from APSU. I have traveled overseas for 7 years visiting and exploring different cultures and languages. I am originally from Miami Florida and I have lived in Spain, Germany and Panama and I am looking forward to passing on the Spanish traditions and cultures of these countries sharing my experiences with the students. Hopefully students will enjoy learning this rich language and understand the importance of learning another language.

*To be successful in any foreign language students must be willing to keep up with the work, note taking, etc. and study every day.*

Attention Parents and guardians: Please check Power School daily for updates on

his/her progress. You may also sign up for a daily alert on your cell phone.

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- a vocabulary quiz is given on the most important vocabulary words from the current chapter. Students will be given advance notice as to when the quiz will be given. There might be one or two pop quizzes through out the year as well.

- other graded work (written & oral) occasionally occurs such as maps, paragraphs, translations, dictations, skits/short presentations and Unit tests.

- At certain times in the semester, supplemental material is also included in the curriculum: video clips, films, magazines/newspapers, pictures, slides, stories, literature, art, music, food, holiday & cultural material, etc.


textbook & workbook: Avancemos level 1 (Holt/McDougal copyright 2010)

Preliminary Chapter

greetings/farewells, introductions,alphabet, where you're from, numbers 1-10,

days of week, weather, classroom expressions, vocab. p. 25

Unit 1, Chapter 1

subject pronouns, the verb "ser", the verb "gustar", vocab. p. 51, Hispanic culture

in the U.S.A.

Unit 1, Chapter 2

definite/indefinite articles, noun & adjective agreement, vocab. p.75

Unit 2, Chapter 1

numbers 11-100, telling time, the verb "tener", present tense of "-ar" verbs, common

adverbs, vocab. p. 105, culture of Mexico

Unit 2, Chapter 2

the verb "ir", the verb "estar", forming questions, vocab. p. 129

Unit 3, Chapter 1

food, the verb "gustar", present tense of "-er", & "-ir" verbs, the verb "hacer", interr-

ogative words, vocab. p. 159, culture of Puerto Rico

Unit 3, Chapter 2

family, giving dates, numbers 200-1,000,000, possessive adjectives, comparatives,

possession with "de", telling someone's age, vocab. p. 183

Unit 4, Chapter 1

clothing, shopping, stem changing verbs "e-ie", direct object pronouns, tener

expressions, vocab. p. 213, culture of Spain

Unit 4, Chapter 2

getting around town, stem changing verbs "o-ue" & "e-i", the verb "ver", ir + a + inf.,

vocab. p. 237

Unit 5, Chapter 1

household items, ser vs. estar, ordinal numbers, vocab. p. 267, culture of Ecuador

Unit 5, Chapter 2

chores, more present tense irregular verbs, affirmative "tu" commands,

acabar + de + inf., vocab. p. 291

1 Unit 6, Chapter 1

sports, the verb "jugar", saber vs. conocer, personal "a", vocab. p. 321, culture of

Dominican Republic

Unit 6, Chapter 2

health, body parts, preterite (past tense) of "-ar" verbs, preterite of "-car, -gar,

-gar" verbs, the verb "doler", vocab. p. 345

Unit 7, Chapter 1

technology/Internet, preterite of "-er" & "-ir" verbs, affirmative/negative words,

vocab. p. 375, culture of Argentina

Unit 7, Chapter 2

phone calls, places of interest, preterite of "ir", "ser", "hacer", pronouns after prep-

ositions, Que + adj.!, vocab. p. 399

Unit 8, Chapter 1

daily routines, vacations, reflexive verbs, present progressive tense, vocab. p. 429,

culture of Costa Rica

Unit 8, Chapter 2

vacation & leisure activities, indirect object pronouns,demonstrative adjectives,

vocab. p. 453

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• Absences:

It is YOUR responsibility to make up any missing work. There will be a folder for Spanish by the door with work that was covered for the day you were gone. It is up to you to look in this folder or ask a classmate what you had missed. If your missing work is not turned in, the grade will become a permanent zero.

If you are absent for an extended period, please see me to make arrangements. Students that are absent for sporting events or other school activities are responsible for turning in work that was missed.

** If you are absent on a review day, this does not excuse you from the test. You will take the test the day it is given. I give about a week notice on upcoming tests.

If you are absent for a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up. You may do so by attending tutoring.


1st Verbal warning and discussion with studentr, and phone call homeor e-mail

2nd Behavior Modification

3rd Discipline Referral

• Tutoring will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and possibly Thursdays after school from 2:30 to 4:00. If you do not understand the material from early on, do not wait until last minute to attend. Tutoring will begin on or around September 6th. I will advise you when

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Be in your seat when bell ringers

2.  Listen when someone is talking. Raise your hand to speak

3.  Work quietly so you do not disturb others.

4.  Do not mark on desks or books

5.  No food, drinks, cellphones or gum allowed in class.

6.  Backpacks belong in the front of the classroom

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