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Spanish II and III
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Northeast High School
Phone: (931) 648-5640

About Me

As a former student and graduate of Northeast High School, it is an honor and a pleasure to be teaching our young Eagles. I come from a military family and my travels around the world have given me a passion and love for languages and cultures. I hope to inspire my students to have that same passion, work hard and never limit themselves. I look forward to a great year. GO EAGLES!

Northeast High School


Level 2 and 3 Spanish

Name of the instructor: Becky Báez-Stewart

Room number: 110

Telephone number: (931) 648-5640 ext. 110


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

This class requires active participation in class as well as the completion of homework and projects outside of class. It is designed to include individual practice and group activities. In addition to standard forms of teaching, there will be videos, group work, oral and listening activities, and cultural celebrations.




1 three-ring binder with pockets, folder, loose-leaf paper, highlighters, dry erase markers, pencils, erasers


I try to provide items for student use when needed. If you wish you may donate tissue, hand sanitizer or any items you think your student may need while in class.

Grading Scale:

A: 93 and above

B: 85-92

C: 75-84

D: 70-74

F: 69 and below

Grades will be posted in Power School. It is the student’ s responsibility to check their grade for accuracy and any make up work that may need to be completed.

Parents are encouraged to check a student’s grade at any time. Power School is updated every week.


Homework is due at the beginning of class. Late work will not be accepted. Any non-Spanish homework being done in my class will be taken and not returned.

Cheating & Plagiarism:

Students copying assignments or cheating on test will not given credit for their work. Parents and /or administration will be informed. Plagiarism (stealing the ideas or words of another and passing them off as one’s own) will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade. Administration will be informed. In addition, the use of online translators is not acceptable and will also result in a 0 for the assignment


It is YOUR responsibility to make up any missing work. There will be a folder for Spanish 2 by the door with work that was covered for the day you were gone. It is up to you to look in this folder or ask a classmate what you had missed. If your missing work is not turned in, the grade will become a permanent zero.

If you are absent for an extended period, please see me to make arrangements. Students that are absent for sporting events or other school activities are responsible for turning in work that was missed.

** If you are absent on a review day, this does not excuse you from the test. You will take the test the day it is given. I give about a week notice on upcoming tests.

If you are absent for a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up. You may do so by attending tutoring.

Keys to Success:

a) Always follow directions

b) Practice active listening during class

c) Participate in all classroom activities

d) Come to class prepared every day

e) Complete all homework accurately and on time

Extra credit will be offered throughout the semester in many different forms (bonus questions on tests and quizzes, small extra assignments, etc.)

Please take advantage of these opportunities when they are offered, as special extra-credit projects will not be offered at the end of the semester.

Please ask for help before it is too late.


Tutoring will be available by request


1st offense warning

2nd offense phone call or e-mail to parent/guardian

3rd offense referral

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Rules and Procedures

I am excited to be teaching your student this year for Spanish II. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your students. Please check your child’s powerschool to ensure your child’s progress each week. I would like to inform you of our classroom rules and procedures. Please read and discuss these rules and procedures with your student. Together we can have a fun successful year.

Please see the schools handbook for school rules. All school rules apply in the classroom as well.


• Respect: Respect your-self, the teacher, each other and all property. This includes not hurting anyone mentally, physically or verbally.

• Be prepared and on time: Make sure that your are in the class room before the bell rings and make sure you have all of your materials each day

• Absolutely NO ELECTRONICS in class: This will include but is not limited to phones, ipad or ipods, etc.

• Stay on task during instruction: No cleaning out folders or doing anything not related to the lesson in hand, no socializing or walking around.

• No food or drinks: This includes and is not limited to gum and candy. Only water in a clear closed bottle. *Anyone with a medical note will be the only exception.


• All students will need to use the restroom before or after class. Exceptions will be made for emergencies and medical reasons.

• Students must sit in their assign seats

• No walking around during lesson

• Turn assignments in on time. All late work will be turned in for ½ credit

• All work will be turned in with no ridges, pencil or blue or black ink pen.

• It is student’s responsibility to make up any work missed. One day per absents will be given to turn in work


Sra. Báez-Stewart

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Supply list for 2015-2016

1 three ring binder with pockets


Loose leaf paper


Dry erase markers



Index cards

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Students must arrive on time ready to learn

2.  Respect for oneself, property and others

3.  Always have a positive attitude

4.  No eating or drinking in class

5.  No cell phones or other electronic devices

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