Denette Mannen

6th Grade Reading/Language Arts (ME)

Northeast Middle School
Phone: (931) 648-5665

About Me

This is the beginning of my 19th years as an educator. I have devoted my entire life to children--either my own or my classroom. I enjoy watching children grow and learn. I have the philosophy that everyone learns something new throughout his or her entire life. I always find a way to look at things through the perspective of a child, and to find the positive side of every situation. I love life, and I am glad to be part of your child’s life. I am here to make this year successful for every child.


Classroom Expectations

1.  To treat me with respect as an individual

2.  To be cooperative and not disruptive.

3.  To study and complete work.

4.  To learn and master objectives

5.  To respect the rights of others in our educational community.

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