Tom Nadeau

Alternative Classroom Instruction
Northeast High School Boys Golf and Tennis Coach
Northeast Middle School
Phone: (931) 648-5665

About Me

I am originally from Texas. I attended Texas Tech University. I graduated from Austin Peay State University. I enjoy Golfing in my off time and spending time with my lovely wife Carol Anne, who retired from CMCSS.

posted 6/2/2015 1:19:00 PM

Analyze ocean temperature data to demonstrate how these conditions affect the weather in nearby land masses.

You will use the websites on the right to help you compare and contrast the average temperature of a city on the coast to one farther inland.

posted 10/25/2011 5:34:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

1.  Treat others the way you want to be treated!

2.  Arrive on time to class and sit in assigned seat.

3.  Always bring to class your book, workbook, GPA folder, paper, pencil and pen .

4.  Raise your hand and receive permission before speaking.

5.  Respect all Students, Teachers, Staff and property of NEMS.

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