Angie Hofer

English Language Learners (ELL) 6-8 grade
Humane Teen Sponsor
Northeast Middle School
Phone: (931) 648-5665

About Me

I am the ELL teacher at Northeast Middle School. I received my Bachelor's Degree from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be On Task – • Be on time. When the bell rings and working on bellwork. Pencils must be sharpened before bell rings. • Complete class work when assigned. • Work quickly and quietly on individual assignments. Work cooperatively on group assignments. • Follow directions.

2.  Be Responsible – • Have all assignments completed on time. • Plan ahead for restroom needs.

3.  Be Respectful – • Avoid disruptive behavior: talking out of turn, tapping on the desk, throwing materials or any behavior that distracts from class activities. • Raise hand to speak. Don't shout out answers unless the teacher asks. • Leave other people’s belongings alone.

4.  Be Courteous – • Demonstrate courtesy towards Ms. Hofer and fellow class members by using kind words. • Speak nicely to one another. No Put-Downs and No “Shut Up” please. • Food, gum, and drinks are not allowed in the classroom.

5.  Be Appropriate – • Remember the classroom is an academic setting and topics of conversation, comments, and words should be professional in nature. • Vulgar language is Never appropriate!

6.  Be Cooperative – • Work cooperatively with group members. This means not putting people down, but being a leader and inspiring others to live up to their full potential. Yelling at, putting down, or threatening group members is not a way to inspire them to work harder.

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