Michele Trout


New Providence Middle School
E-mail: michele.trout@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 648-5655

About Me

I am the science teacher for the Champions’ team. I am a native of Clarksville and actually attended New Providence as a student and later graduated from Northwest High School. I received my bachelor’s degree in Education from Austin Peay in 2007 as well as my master's in Educational Leadership in 2015. I am married and have two sons. This is my eighth year teaching at NPMS, and I am very happy to be here. It is a wonderful place to be!

Sixth grade Science focuses on many different topics. We begin by studying the Engineering Design Process and technology. We will then go on to study energy, electricity, heat, ocean currents, the atmosphere, weather, the universe and the planets. Towards the end of the year we will study interactions of living things as well as Earth’s ecosystems. It is going to be a busy and exciting year!

It is my intention to incorporate many different learning styles in my classroom. Students will be taking notes, participating in labs, hands on activities, and STEM challenges. Grades will be earned through classwork and homework, as well as quizzes, tests and projects. It is my goal to help prepare each of my students for a successful future!

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Be Respectful

2.  Be Responsible

3.  Be Engaged

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