Caralee Harrison

Social Studies-6
Crossfit Instructor, Reading Tutor, Wellness Rep.
New Providence Middle School
Phone: (931) 648-5655

About Me

Welcome to the best subject, World History! Who wouldn't like to learn about mummies, Greek gods, gladiators and terra cotta warriors? If you answered no to this question, I bet I can change your mind by the end of the year. We will begin the year with the Stone Age and end it with the Fall of Rome. In between these 2 time periods will be Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India and Greece. We will learn about the PIECES of each culture. P=People I=Inventions E=Environment C=Culture E=Economics S= Social Organizations


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be respectful

2.  Be responsible

3.  Be honest

4.  Be caring

5.  Be engaged

6.  And YOU will be a Mustang!

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