Tina Sharpton

Algebra IA/IB
Japanese Anime Club Co-Sponsor; SPED lead
Northwest High School
E-mail: tina.sharpton@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 648-5675

About Me

Hello, my name is Tina Sharpton and I teach Mathematics at Northwest High School (Go Vikings!!). I have taught Math for 16 years. This year I am teaching Algebra I SE and Math Transitions. I also co teach with Ms. Rye in Algebra I and Mrs. Slight in Algebra II. I was born a military brat. My father retired here in Clarksville and I graduated from NWHS. I attended APSU and graduated with a BS in Math. My hobbies include singing (first alto), playing the clarinet and piano, playing sudoku, and lounging around. I am also very active at my church.I am married to a wonderful husband for 8 years now and we are foster parents.


Classroom Expectations

1.  All students are to abide by the CMCSS code of conduct.

2.  Be respectful to everyone in school

3.  Come prepared to learn and be successful.

AIA Syllabus Template
AIA Syllabus
AIB Syllabus Template
AIB Syllabus
Math Transition Syllabus