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About Me

Ellen Castro Platt is in her thirteenth year teaching Spanish at Northwest High School. For the School Year 2017-2018, she will be teaching six Spanish 1 classes and has first period planning. She received her master's degree in Education ELL K-12 from Trevecca Nazarene University (2011); a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with a Spanish major and an Education minor from Austin Peay State University (2005); and a bachelor's degree in Commerce with a Banking and Finance major and a General Management minor from Holy Angel University, Philippines (1976-1977). Her goal for teaching Spanish is to inspire her students to love and learn the Spanish language, the people and their culture, and to develop a love for adventure and not be afraid to travel around the world. ¡Buen Viaje! ¡Tengamonos un gran año!

Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol!

Welcome to Spanish class. You and I will have great learning experiences this year and that each of you will develop a great love for the Spanish language!<3<3<3

Tengamonos un gran ano!

posted 7/21/2017 11:21:00 PM

Español uno: Week of 12 del marzo de 2018

el lunes: Unidad 4.2 Vocab List.

el martes:Learn the e to i stem-changing verbs.

el miércoles: Apply E>I Test

el jueves:Learn the O to ue and u to ue stem-changing verbs.

el viernes: Apply O>UE/U>UE Test

posted 9/25/2016 10:04:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be HONEST. •Do not cheat on tests, quizzes, and exams. It will be an automatic zero as per CMCSS policy. •Return any borrowed items before leaving our class.

2.  Be RESPONSIBLE. •Bring ALL required materials to class every day. •Keep Our classroom clean. •Be an ASSET in your group. Participate. •Obey All rules- Class/CMCSS Student Conduct/Policy. •YOU are responsible for MAKE-UP work. •YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOUR actions.

3.  Be ON TIME. •Be in our classroom, seated, and working on the BRR assignment when the second bell rings. If not, you are tardy. •Turn in class work, homework, project, etc. on time. •Get a Tardy note from a teacher/office if you are coming late to class.

4.  Be POLITE. •Respect yourself, your teacher, substitute teacher, and fellow students. •Listen carefully when someone is talking. •Speak at appropriate times, using appropriate language. •Raise your hand if you have a question/comment and wait to be recognized.

5.  No Food/No Drinks(chips, cookies, gum, soda, water, etc.). No chewing gum, drinking or eating during our class.


7.  Positive Rewards: 1. Positive letter to parents/legal guardians. 2. Positive phone call to parents/legal guardians. 3. No weekend homework. 4. Cultural Day. 5. Preferred Activity Time- like pizza party or field trip.

8.  Negative Rewards: 1. First Offense = Teacher Counsel Form *WARNING/One on One Counseling. 2. Second Offense = Behavior Referral Form *Phone Call to parents/legal guardians. *Class Detention [after school= 2:30-3:15]. *Behavior Journal/Tardy Discipline Journal

9.  Negative Rewards Continues: 3. Third Offense = Discipline Referral Form *Parent – Teacher Conference or *Parent – Teacher – Administrator Conference Severe Behavior: The student will be sent to the principal immediately! or The administrators will be summoned to our class!

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