Ridelto A. Gutiérrez

Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Calculus and AP Physics

Northwest High School
E-mail: ridelto.gutierrez@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 648-5675

About Me

My name is Ridelto Andrés Gutiérrez. I have a MS in Mathematics and Physics. I have three daughters. My wife is also a High School teacher. I love soccer & chess. In school I was a Goalie and a Fullback (rear defender). I came to Clarksville in 1996, was deployed to Korea and Germany, & returned to Clarksville in 2001 where I have been since. I love science and math with passion. In elementary school, I used to say that I wanted to be “a mathematician”. I am absolutely determined to make a difference for my students. I believe my life will motivate them to reach for their dreams, and my knowledge and experience will help them see math and physics as the most powerful tools for the understanding of the universal laws of nature and technology. 'Passion for Excellence' is my motto. If you have passion for excellence you will always do your best, and sometimes you will amaze even yourself. Mr. G

Classroom Procedures:

• Upon entering the classroom, prepare and put out all the daily items, such as the notebook and loose leaf paper, mechanical pencil, calculator, and the homework. Place the book bag and all other items under the desk and not in the aisle ways. Record HomeWork from the wall calendar.

• Be seated at your assigned desk and start working on the Quiz of the day by the tardy bell. Get your HW ready for turn in. All HW assignments must be written in Cornell style, and have all the work shown to obtain the full credit. Graphing paper is preferred and encouraged. Use ONLY black or blue ink pen or pencil.

• During instruction time, please remain quite, take notes, and do all the assigned work. When asking questions or making comments please raise your hand and wait to be called. Do not interrupt others, and be respectful in your comments. Don’t waste time on irrelevant comments.

• Food, drinks, gum or candy, cosmetics or any other items that distract from instruction are not permitted in the classroom. Make sure to put all these items away prior to the tardy bell. Any item deemed by the instructor as distracting will be collected and returned to the student or the parent at the teacher’s discretion. The student can drink water from a bottle but the bottle must have a cap.

• When finishing an assignment early, read your notes, study quietly and work ahead. Working on assignments from other classes, sleeping, passing notes, and talking is not tolerated, and is considered an offence which requires appropriate disciplinary consequences.

• Talking or cheating during tests is a serious offense. Suspicious behavior could result in partial grade for that test or the student will be required to finish the test after school since obviously the student cannot do it with other students around. Under no circumstances will a retake test be given if cheating is confirmed. The parents must contact the teacher in these cases and the principal’s authorization will be required for such retake.

• When announcements are made on the intercom, be silent and listen to the announcements; resume your work right after the announcements are over.

• Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom; this includes trips to the restrooms and lockers; except for emergencies as determined by the teacher. Remember to groom yourself in the restroom, not in the classroom, before or after class.

• Remain seated until dismissed by the teacher upon the release bell.

• Turn in all weekly assignments by Monday. Any two-weeks late assignments gets a zero grade. All assignments should have in their heading the student’s name, assignment name (QZ, HW, SG etc), assignment date, page and problem numbers, and be written in Cornell style, on loose leaf graph paper, stapled together (each HW separate). Any assignments turned in without the students name will automatically be considered invalid, and receive a zero grade.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  'Passion for Excellence'. Make this your motto. Be proud of who you are and everything you do.

2.  Respect others as you would like others to respect you. Be disciplined and have a positive attitude.

3.  Seek help from your peers and your teacher, and be ready to give help when asked.

4.  Make your math class your first school team. Be a team player!

5.  Raise your hand if you have something to say to minimize class disruptions.

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