Phillip Burkhart

Physical Educ. Teacher-Burt Elementary
RHS Girls Golf Coach
Rossview High School
Phone: (931) 553-2070

About Me

I graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a degree in Health and Physical Education, then received my Masters Degree from Austin Peay in Health and Physical Education with a minor in Administation. I also have 30 hours above the Masters Level. Before coming back home to Clarksville, I was an Asst. Principal and Principal of Summer School in Carthage, Tennessee. I have coached high school softball for over 20 years, going to the State Tournament at every classification, Class A, Friendship Christian, AA David Lipscomb, and AAA at Rossview High School. I retired from coaching softball in 2014 and started coaching The Lady Hawks Golf Team in the fall of 2014. The Lady Hawks won the State Championship in 2014 for Rossview's 3rd State Championship

Medicine Ball Exercises


1. Curls – This exercise works on biceps muscles. Keep back straight and lift ball with arms from down position to chest.

2. Lateral Raise – This exercise works the shoulder muscles or Deltoids. Hold ball out in front of your chest, keep elbows locked and raise ball over your head and back down to chest position.

3. Chest Press – This exercise works biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. Hold ball against chest with elbows out, push ball straight out in front, keeping back straight, then bring ball back to the chest.

4. Front Press - This exercise works triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles. Hold ball at chest level with hands to side and underneath ball. Lift ball straight up over head and then lower back to chest level.

5. Right Press – This exercise works same as above but just using right arm.

6. Left Press – This exercise works same as above but just using left arm.

7. Triceps Extension – This exercise works the triceps and trapezius muscles. Hold ball behind your head and lift ball directly over your head and then back to start position.

8. Triceps Extension with toe raises – This exercise works same as above but with the addition to toe raises as you raise the ball over your head working the calf muscles.

9. Ab Twist – This exercise work the “love handles” or side oblique muscles. Hold ball at chest level, elbows out, keep feet stationary, and twist with elbows out from side to middle to the other side, etc.

10. Swing – This exercise works a lot of different muscles. This works the side oblique muscles, triceps, deltoids and lower back. Hold ball down below waist and swing ball up and to the right, then back down and then up and to the left.

11. Lunges – This exercise works arms, legs, abs, core, deltoids and when a medicine ball is added to it pectoral muscles also see benefits. This exercise is used to teach like a basketball chest pass. Hold the ball at chest level, push ball out as you step out with your right leg and then back. Then push the ball out as you step out with your left leg.

12. Squats – This exercise works hamstrings, quads and when used with a medicine ball works pectoral muscles and deltoids also. This exercise is used to teach like a basketball free throw. You can use same leg or alternate.

On Your Back

1. Chest Press – This exercise works the pectoral muscles, biceps and deltoids. This exercise is used just like a bench press on a weight machine except student is lying on the floor with knees bent and feet planted flat against floor. The ball is held on their chest and lifted each time the coach says “UP”, and the students count 1, up 2, up 3 etc.

2. Lateral Raise – This exercise works the deltoids and abs. This exercise is used with students in same position on floor but student hold ball over their head with arms straight and ball on the floor. When Coach say “UP”, student bring ball straight up over their chest with arms locked.

3. Crunches – This exercise is a good workout for the abs. The ball is held on the chest and on the Coaches call “UP”, the student do a curl up or cruch.

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