Kendra Stewart

8th Inclusion RLA Teacher

West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

My name is Kendra Stewart. I have been in education for over 10 years. I have taught Self Contain, Inclusion, Resource, and have been an administrator in North Carolina.I believe education is crucial no matter what grade level. I love working with students and hope that this year is filled with education an excitement!

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to Mrs. Stewart’s Web page. I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am. I am looking forward to knowing you as well as your child.

Please be sure that you child is at school every day unless he or she is sick. Consistent attendance will benefit your child’s learning experience. If your child is absent, please send a note of explanation upon his or her return. Also, if you child has a scheduled appointment if possible let me know so that I can send work if needed.

I will do my best to build a positive, secure environment in which your child can learn. Good behavior helps produce the best learning environment for all. I am implementing a positive reward system with my students based on the school wide PBIS system. If the student has stayed on target with his or her behaviors, they will receive coyote cash or a prize. If you would like to donate prize items that would be great (example individual wrapped candy or small inexpensive treasures).

I will be sending home a student/parent information sheet soon. This will assist me in getting to know your child and you. If any information changes during the course of the school year, please let me know.

By working together, we can make this year great! Thank you for your support. I want to hear from you. Please let me know if you EVER have questions, concerns, or comments.

posted 8/6/2017 6:25:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be Positive

2.  Be Understanding

3.  Be Responsible

4.  Be Respectful

SPED Information
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