Colleen Larson

6th Grade RLA Teacher
Jackals Team
West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

Hello I am Ms. Larson and I will be your child's 6th Grade Reading and Language Arts teacher. I am very excited to be on the Jackals team this Fall! I am originally from Naperville, Illinois and stayed there until I went to college. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Studies K-6 and a 4-8 Middle School endorsement. I know this will be a great school year and am looking forward to getting to know you and your child!

Monday 02/26

Poetry analysis day

How do these poems relate to the invasive species?

Finish poetry analysis

Tuesday 02/27

Review writing

Should Pets Be Allowed in the Classroom?

Discuss what an argument essay should look like.

Discuss what elements were missing from the prewrite

Wednesday 02/28

Begin writing stations to edit argument essays

Thursday 03/01

Finish writing stations

Friday 03/02

Begin reviewing for the common unit assessment that is on March 6th!

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Monday 02/19

Begin partner webquest on invasive species

Create a ppt about your invasive species

Tuesday 02/20

Begin partner webquest on invasive species

Create a ppt about your invasive species

Wednesday 02/21

Finish partner webquest on invasive species

Create a ppt about your invasive species

Thursday 02/22

Poetry analysis day

How do these poems relate to the invasive species?

Friday 02/23

Finish poetry analysis

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Monday 02/12

Look at author’s purpose for both text pieces

Compare and contrast the text pieces

Find evidence to support your claim

Tuesday 02/13


Wednesday 02/14

“Are Pythons Killing the Everglades”

Read and annotate for the author’s claim

Thursday 02/15

“Not All Invasive Species are Evil”

Read and annotate for the author’s claim

Begin to create your own claim on the topic

Friday 02/16

Invasive species webquest

You must choose a species do research on with a partner and determine if they are causing harm to the environment  

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Monday 02/05

Test Corrections

Make up assignments

Begin new unit

Tuesday 02/06

Introduce Argumentative Unit


Begin writing pretest

Wednesday 02/07

Finish writing pretest

Thursday 02/08

Read the “Amazing Race”

Discuss how this fits into an argument text piece

Friday 02/09

Read “Race to the South Pole”

Look for author’s claim and supporting evidence

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Monday 1/29

Continue narrative writing

Tuesday 1/30

Narrative essay due!

Wednesday 1/31

Begin reviewing for common unit assessment (nonfiction review day)

Thursday 2/1

Continue reviewing for common unit assessment

(Fiction review day)

Friday 2/2

Common Unit Assessment

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Monday 11/15


Tuesday 11/16

Narrative writing introduction

What does a good essay require?

Look at samples of narrative writing

Wednesday 11/17

Narrative writing on our text pieces

Thursday 11/18

Narrative writing on our text pieces

Friday 11/19

Peer edit

Final copy of essay due!

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This week at school:

Monday 01/08

Mini lesson on figurative language

“Rikki-tikki Tavi” look at how figurative language helps develop the story.

Tuesday 01/09

Mini lesson on character traits

“Rikki-tikki Tavi” characterization of characters

Wednesday 01/10

Point of view mini lesson

Determine the point of view of “Rikki-tikki Tavi”

Determine the purpose of certain elements of the story

Thursday 01/11

Determine the theme

Quiz on “Rikki-tikki Tavi”

Friday 01/12

“Rikki-tikki Tavi” movie

Compare and contrast how different media presents the same story.

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Welcome back Jackals!

This week at school:

Monday 01/01:

No School!

Tuesday 01/02:

No School!

Wednesday 01/03:

Welcome back and review

Set goals for this nine weeks

Narrative writing assessment

Thursday 01/04:

Finish writing assessment

Begin reading “Rikki Tikki Tavi”

Make predictions, summaries, and annotations

Friday 01/05:

Types of characters and characterization

Types of characterization and characters in our story

Mini quiz

Learnzillion lesson

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Monday 12/11

Study guide will be given to work on during class

Tuesday 12/12

Unit assessment

Wednesday 12/13

Review test and make corrections

Work on makeup work

Thursday 12/13

Continue any makeup work

Read “The Elves and the Shoemaker”

Friday 12/14

Reward day!


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This week at school:

Monday 12/04:

-Read and annotate the text piece “Feathers”

-Determine the theme and central idea

-Students will work to answer text dependent questions

Tuesday 12/05

-Read and annotate the text piece “The Talking Skull”

-Determine the theme and central idea

-Students will play quizlet live to answer text dependent questions

Wednesday 12/06

-Mrs. Holder Research Day

Thursday 12/07:

-Compare and contrast the author’s approach to similar themes

-Google Doc partner collaboration on comparing and contrasting the text pieces

Friday 12/08:

-Quick write responding to a prompt

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Go over old essay from the start of the school year on “The Curse of the Poisoned Pretzel” The students will work in stations that will aid the students in creating more effective informative essays.


Continue station work on essays.


All essays must be completed

The students will then read the poem “Ozymandius”

We will discuss and dissect the poem as a class.


Review day. The students will play review games to help determine their understanding of literary elements


Writing benchmark in the AM

Mrs. Holder (the librarian) presents a research lesson

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Requiz and Retest

Begin reading “The Great Egyptian Sphinx”


Continue reading “The Great Egyptian Sphinx”

Compare and contrast to the video

We will determine how different medias help us understand a text better.

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Monday 11/12

Read “Oedipus and the Riddle of the Shpinx”

Work to determine the main ideas of each paragraph and how these contribute to the overall central idea.

The students will work in groups to determine the central idea.

Tuesday 11/13

The students will continue working on “Oedipus and the Riddle of the Sphinx”

Watch a video on central idea

Use a graphic organizer to determine how all of the main ideas contribute to the central idea of the text.

Wednesday 11/14

Review what theme is

Read poem “Fate vs, Free Will”

We will cloze read the poem “Fate vs. Free Will” to help determine the central idea and theme

How do the themes of both of our texts overlap? What is the same? What is different? How do  the authors reveal this?

Thursday 11/15

Answer and generate text dependent questions for our shoulder partners. These questions will be based off the central idea and theme of both texts and how the author accomplishes this.

Friday 11/16

Cold Read quiz over “Calm Under Fire” to become more prepared for the Common Unit Assessments.

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Monday 11/6:

Quiz over “Life or Death” text piece and poem.

Activelylearn review activity.

Tuesday 11/7:

Argument letters review

Compound, complex, and simple sentences review.

Wednesday 11/8:

Unit assessment starts

Thursday 11/9:

Finish unit assessment and make test corrections.

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Ed puzzle citing evidence

Go back to essay and correct citations

HW: Read “Life or Death” article and annotate for author’s purpose, central idea, and point of view


Happy Halloween!

Discovering text structure

The students will learn about the various types of text structure and will work to determine the structure of mentor paragraphs and our texts we have read this unit.


Read “Life or Death” in class. Discuss central idea, author’s purpose, point of view, and theme

Read the paired poem

Compare and Contrast the difference between the text pieces.


Compound and Complex sentences

Learn and practice with compound and complex sentences

The students will search for compound and complex sentences in the text and go back to their essay to make corrections

The students will become prepared for socratic seminar on our text pieces.

They must have evidence highlighted from each text to prove their point.

HW: Find evidence to answer the prompt question What would you have done if you were in the place of Simon? Were his actions courageous or cowardly?


Compare and Contrast “Life or Death to the poem

Partner write

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Monday: The students will learn how to create an effective argument. We will analyze the parts and take guided notes.

Tuesday: The students will analyze an essay to determine if it is effective or not. They will color code and create a graphic organizer over a sample essay.

Wednesday: The students will create the first draft of their argument essay.

Thursday: The students will peer edit their papers

Friday: Final draft of essay is due!

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Monday 10/16:

Introduce argument writing unit. Students will participate in group discussions and work on key terminology for argument writing.

Tuesday 10/17:

Read article discussing celebrities selling soda products. Annotate and discuss the article. Look for examples of our key terms.

Wednesday 10/18:

Introduce argument writing prompt

Reread text. Text hunt for pros and cons of celebrities selling soda products. Create a Tchart to organize their information.

Thursday 10/19:

Review writing prompt

Students will read an article on the opposing side of the argument. They are to read and annotate the text for facts and author’s claim. With a partner they will create a graphic organizer.

Friday 10/20:

The students will answer evidence based questions over both articles they have read this week. They are to walk around the room answering the task cards and highlighting and marking the answer in their text.

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This week at school:

Monday 10/2: Study guide review. The students will read the text "The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island" They will then answer task card questions that will assist them on their exam.

Tuesday 10/3: Study guide review part 2. The students will read "Don't Hate on the Trait" I will model how to close read on exams. They will then answer task cards that will assist on their test.

Wednesday 10/4: Unit Assessment

Thursday 10/5: Test corrections

Friday 10/6: The students will go through narrative writing revision stations to improve their essay score


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Monday 9/25: Finish narrative writing! The students will be given a checklist to edit their work. They are to type up their essay and submit on google classroom.

Tuesday 9/26: Read “The Drive-In Movies” Lesson over direct and indirect characterization.

Wednesday 9/27: Read “The Drive-In Movies” group activity! Each student will be assigned a character from the text and will use the acronym of STEAL (what the character says, their thoughts, their effects on others, their actions, and their looks). They will work as a group to STEAL each character from the text and will be ready to present out.

Thursday 8/28: Read “The Drive-In Movies” on Common Lit. The students will learn how to use the online program to look deeper into the text, mark the text, and answer text based questions.

Friday 8/29: Quiz over characterization, prefixes, theme, central idea   

Article of the Week is due

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Monday: Read the text "Pompeii"

Focus on using root words to help determine unknown words.

Begin station rotation over text dependent questions.

Tuesday: Continue station rotation

Compare and Contrast "The Dog of Pompeii" with "Pompeii"

Wednesday: Read "The Great Chicago Fire"

discuss denotation and find examples throughout the text piece.

Group activity: finding the central idea of a paragraph

Thursday: "The Great Chicago Fire"

discuss connotation and find examples in the text for reference.

Finish group activity and determine central idea for the whole text.

Begin breaking apart the writing prompt

Friday: (half day)

Begin outline for the narrative writing process

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Monday September 11:

Introduction to plot- Exposition

Read "The Dog in Pompeii"

Article of the week goes home-box unknown words

Tuesday September 12:

Introduction to plot- Rising Action

Read "The Dog in Pompeii"

Look at what direct characterization is

AOW- summarize each paragraph

Wednesday September 13:

Introduction to plot- Climax

Read "The Dog in Pompeii"

Look at indirect characterization

AOW- multiple choice questions

Thursday September 15:

Introduction to plot: Falling action and resolution

Finish "The Dog in Pompeii"

Continue looking at indirect characterization

Friday: Quiz over plot and characterization

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Monday: No School

Tuesday: Quiz over central idea and theme.

Review for unit exam

Wednesday: Unit Exam

Thursday: Extra time for exam as well as starting to make test corrections

Friday: Retest


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Article of the week is due on Friday. If your child misplaces their article it can be found on our new google classroom. All important files can be found online. The link to the classroom is:
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This week at school:

Monday August 28:

Finish writing informative essay over water. Have peer review and type essays into Word. Article of Week is handed out!

Tuesday August 29:

Pathdriver test. Introduction to google classroom. Submit essay.

Wednesday August 30: Central idea review. Finding text evidence to discover central idea.

Thursday August 31: Compare and contrast central idea and theme. Sort difference between central idea and theme

Friday September 1: Quiz of central idea and theme. Article of the week is due.

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This will be the first week of Article of the Week. You will be given until Thursday to turn in the assignment.
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This week at school:

MONDAY: Solar Eclipse. No school! Make sure to wear your glasses!!

Tuesday: Introduction to central idea. Finish up worksheet for homework

Wednesday: Read text piece called "Water" by Helen Keller. Discuss central idea. Take placement test

Thursday: Continue with piece "Water" Begin the informative writing process

Friday: Finish up informative writing process in class

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This week at school:

Monday August 14:

Put together ISN notebooks

Read text piece "Eleven"

Annotate text

Discuss theme

Tuesday August 15:

Read "Eleven"

Discuss theme

Find evidence that proves the theme of the text

Wednesday August 16:

Read poem "On Turning Ten"

Annotate poem

Discuss theme

Cite evidence that supports the theme of the poem

Thursday August 17:

Work in groups to compare and contrast the themes of the two poems

Create a venn diagram to show differences and similarities

Friday August 18:

Solar Eclipse vocabulary lesson

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Make sure you have your ISN everyday!
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Forms will be sent home Wednesday. These will include things such as the syllabus, computer and internet usage agreement, etc. Please bring these back signed as soon as possible. Coyote cash will be awarded for prompt return!
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Welcome to West Creek Middle School. I am so excited to have you this year on the Jackals team. I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the course of the school year. We are going to have a great time exploring different texts and styles of writing. Get ready for the best school year yet!
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Monday: Half day. Introduction of teacher, students, and classroom rules

Tuesday: No school

Wednesday: Writing pretest and interaction with class rules

Thursday: Writing pretest and interaction with classroom procedures

Friday: Writing pretest and get to know your classmates

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Classroom Expectations

1.  1. Be responsible 2. Be respectful 3. Be engaged If we follow these three rules we are sure to have a successful school year!