Amanda Fuson

6th Grade STEM Science
Jackals Team
West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

My name is Amanda Fuson. I am excited to welcome my 6th-grade students and their parents to my science class this year. I LOVE science, it has always been my favorite subject in school. Even as a kid I loved spending time outside, which I believe has just added to my love for science. I live in Hendersonville with my husband, son and our family cat. We moved here this summer from Arizona so we are still adjusting to the humidity but so far we love Tennessee! I look forward to this school year at WCMS!

Science- Mrs. Fuson

Week 1 March 12 - March 16


Grassland Edpuzzle

Work on research project


Deciduous Forest Edpuzzle

Work on research project


Taiga Edpuzzle

Work on research project

Thursday -

Desert Edpuzzle

Work on research project


Benchmark III

Vocab Quiz

Work on research project (Due Today)

posted 8/6/2017 6:37:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

1.  Come to class ready to learn

2.  Ask questions

3.  Work collaboratively

4.  Be respectful to everyone in the class