Vickie Evans

6th Grade RLA Teacher
Howlers Team
West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

I have been teaching in CMCSS for 21 years. I started teaching 5th grade at Burt Elementary School.I have been teaching Middle School for the past 12 years.I enjoy teaching Social Studies so much!I teach 6th grade Social Studies. I have lived here for only 21 years. I have 2 sons and enjoy working with children. Please email me when you need my help. I do answer my email messages.

August 7th -11

Monday--Introduction to class

Wednesday--Class rules locker procedures . Introduce Early man unit 1 Chapter 1

Thursday---Timelines BC/AD / Map skills

Friday----Quiz early man timelines/ Map skills

posted 8/8/2017 2:17:00 PM


Classroom Expectations

0.  I expect students to follow the rules of CMCSS and WCMS handbook. I have also added 2 more rules. I do not allow mechanical pencils due to possible injuries. I do not allow markers. I supply all art supplies for projects. I also expect RESPECT and KINDNESS to be shown at all times!

1.  I expect students to be responsible,respectful and engaged