Dennis Floden

Leadership for Life Teacher
Coyote Zone Team
West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

I support the school mission by providing a learning environment were failure is not an option and it meets the needs of all students. An environment that provides one-on-one interaction, but requires critical thinking and problem solving on the student’s behalf. I am committed to producing responsible individuals that will have the knowledge, courage and tools necessary to succeed in a changing society.

Leadership for Life Classroom Expectations

• Students will show respect for their fellow classmates and Teacher.

• Put-downs, taking others stuff or horseplay will not be tolerated

• Students who are not in the classroom when the bell stops ringing will be considered late.

• Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

• Students are expected to be prepared for class every day

• Disruptions in class will not be tolerated (talking out of turn, out of seat)

• Listen to what others are saying. Class discussion is an important part of this class. Do not ridicule or criticize another class member.

• We raise our hands to answer or ask questions

• Be a leader help your fellow classmates

• Never use offensive or objectionable language.


• Consequences

• First time a student breaks a rule: Warning, Behavior notification written but maintained by teacher. Loss of 10 leadership grade points.

• Second time: Stays in class 1 minute after the bell, Parent contacted, assigned classroom lunch detention. Loss of 25 leadership grade points.

• Third time; Parent contacted, Behavioral notification given to administration for action. Loss of 40 leadership grade points

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This class is very unique and different from other classes typically taken

in school. The topics in this class are designed to make learning fun

and to be meaningful to your life. Hopefully, students will never say To themselves,

“Why are we learning this stuff?”

The content of this class will hopefully inspire and motivate students to become a

better person. The goal is to help them become more successful in school,

relationships and in their future endeavors.

Anyone who is successful will tell you that it takes courage, self-control and

integrity to make it to the top. You have to approach each opportunity with a

positive attitude and be willing to persevere over any and all obstacles. You

need to show respect to others and take responsibility for your actions. Above

all else, you have to earn people’s trust by behaving in an ethical manner and

and demonstrating tremendous character.

If students apply themselves in this class, I guarantee they will be a better person for it.

Students must involved with this class, don’t just go through the motions- put forth your best efforts.

This class will not require them to memorize historical facts or learn complicated math formulas. However, students will be required to think, participate in class discussions and complete weekly assignments.

Expectations are high, but students are capable of achieving great things in this class.

Leadership for Life core academic areas

Leadership-Citizenship-Patriotism-Community service-CMCSS academy engagement/exploration

Students will receive weekly grades in over-all school Leadership, Classroom participation and Weekly assignment quizzes.

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Classroom Expectations

1.  Be on time and prepared for class

2.  Respect the classroom and your classmates!

3.  Be a leader help your fellow classmate

4.  Class participation is a must

5.  We raise our hands to ask or answer questions

6.  View and begin this class each day with a positive attitude

7.  Have fun Learning